Grand Theft Auto 5 - 10 Los Santos hotspots we can't wait to visit

Grand Theft Auto 5's total land mass is said to be three and a half times the size of Red Dead Redemption's, and the actual playable area - including underwater sections - is reportedly five times as large. That's a whole lot of exploring to be done come 17th Septemb

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tweet751967d ago

grand theft auto V footage looks better than anything shown at E3 next generation

tristanwerbe1964d ago

I would agree maybe our Xbox's and PS3's will blow up playing them cause there GTA V is to good

PerryCaravello1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I really want to play this game. I love LA, Hollywood, the rolling hills, the tiny little twisting roads, woods, all of the barren deserts outside the cities.

I hope they do an amazing job at really capturing california. Most people think of strictly LA or San Fransico, both of which are great (depending if you're in the business) but the outskirts, desert--everything is just great.

It's probably the hundreds of films that romanticize the california landscape, but it's a great place to be. Whether you're in the city or driving around crazy hills or the barren desert. It's just great.

koh1967d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my take is that you really like California.