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David Sears, the former creative director behind the SOCOM series is working on a new military tactical shooter in the vain of those classic shooters that were best sellers on the PlayStation 2. David Sears is now the creative director for SOF Studios and they are ready to get to work on H-Hour: World’s Elite. A tactical shooter for the PC and PlayStation 4, but they can not do it without the help of the community that made the SOCOM games so successful. Sears has launched a kickstarter page to get the funds needed to get the project up and going.

We at OmniGamer got the chance to interview David Sears and hopefully help spread the word about the plans for H-Hour.

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xc7x1992d ago

he'd be willing to take over the Socom ip?! awesome,please let that happen too.

logan_izer101992d ago

If you haven't already, get over to kickstarter and BACK THIS BABY!