Just How Likely Is The Pandemic Scenario In The Last Of Us?

GR: In The Last of Us, humanity is on the brink of extinction and the world as we know it has crumbled. Nature has reclaimed the planet. And it's all based on a very real species of fungus that affects insects in similar ways to how it's depicted to affect humans in the game. But just how possible is this civilization-ending scenario where the Cordyceps fungus mutates to where it can infect humans?

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acharlez1941d ago

Too likely as far as I'm concerned.

dbjj120881941d ago

Do you have a bug-out bag?

xHeavYx1941d ago

Anyone with good survival skills want to join my "just in case" clan?

Blackhawk31941d ago

As long as my clan isn't as big to where I need 90+ supplies a day I'll be golden!

Timesplitter141941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

except the infected wouldn't really be zombies that want to attack you. The cordyceps fungus, if you watch the videos about it on youtube, would only make the infected find an elevated point where they would lay down and turn into a mushroom

brodychet1941d ago

Idk man, combined with the human's natural basic need to feed.

Ants and bugs need to feed sure; but their brains aren't as sophisticated as a humans. So there would definitely be SOME type of change.

Probably aggression and hunger.

It seems like there'd be some change in the way that would go about.

Maninja1941d ago

Well in the game, it's said or read somewhere that the primary goal of the infected is to spread the infection by biting, or when they know they're about to die, hide in a dark corner and die, allowing their body to create spores. The ant that would get infected went to an elevated spot and turned into a mushroom SO it could infect other ants. It's the same basic principle so yeah, I think they would be killer zombies.

brodychet1941d ago

@maninja , okay that makes more sense.

TrendyGamers1941d ago

More likely than a zombie infestation.

ftwrthtx1941d ago

The movie 28 Days Later had the most believable scenario, but ND still did a good job with this one.

dbjj120881941d ago

28 Days Later is just so haunting, really sticks with you.

Lovable1941d ago

This is very likely. If you read anything about cordyceps(or something along that line spelling wise) it was proven that this "thing" do evolve over thousands of years. I believe they saw some fossil about it or something.

dbjj120881941d ago

We're more likely to just drop dead of something... not get reanimated or turn into brain biters imho.

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The story is too old to be commented.