Hey Gamer Gurls… You Can Blend in

GamersBliss writes: One thing about being a girl that likes video games that comes to be the most utterly annoying thing about the hobby is other female gamers. When I say this I don’t mean the girls who like to play video games as a pastime or the girls that just find an enjoyment in games; what I mean is the ‘girl gamer’ , ‘gamer gurl’ or whatever else they like to call themselves now-a-days. Before we start, understand that this is not intended to offend the real actual females out there nor does it mean they are required to “blend in”; so gaming ladies, odds are this doesn’t apply to you. It’s meant for the support of the true female gaming community and actually meant to support our misunderstood male counterparts.

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TheSuperior 1993d ago

The girls who game for attention or are gamers and use gaming for attention are the worse. I cant wait till the day they all go away and everyone understands that no one is special and everyone is equal :/

UNGR1993d ago

Met a girl who said she was a huge Skyrim fan, had 3 achievements for it. Gamer girls for attention are the worst. I play Battlefield with a group of 8, one of which is a girl, she blends in just fine. Do you want to know why attention whores? Because she acts like a normal human being. Don't play games for attention, real gamers are going to rake you over the coals.

isarai1993d ago

Just don't be an obnoxious attention whore about it, and no one will single you out. simple as that, i've seen and known countless female gamers (avid ones not casual smarphone "gamers") and i've never once seen them singled out because they play games, or even games people consider "Hardcore". the only males that react like dumb asses are immature teens/preteens. I really don't know where these other "gamer girls" live that they get so much shit for being a female gamer.

MilkMan1993d ago

This is true, but funny also.

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