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From Arstechnica.com: "So everyone's excited about the frickin' Wii. That's how I find myself saying the name of Nintendo's upcoming game console most of the time: with an expletive as a prefix. Yes, I'm sure we're all slowly getting used to the name. Someday, it will seem completely normal. But that just means it's a salvageable name; it was never a good name. Wii: handily displacing Dreamcast as the Worst Console Name Ever. Lest we forget!

Moving on. I've been thinking a lot about the Wii lately. Although you might not guess it after reading the previous paragraph, I'm a dedicated Nintendophile. While I recognize that Nintendo has stumbled when it comes to appealing to the hardcore gamer, their hardware and software has always been perfectly aligned with my values. Even the lack of titles has aligned with my shrinking amount of free time. (I still have a stack of unfinished GameCube games.)

I'm also technophile. This, too, has historically played into Nintendo's hands. True, Nintendo has rarely hyped its technology to the degree that, say, Sony currently does, but it's never been bashful either. I remember a quote from a senior Nintendo executive after the release of the official PlayStation 2 specs that went something like this: "We have seen what the PlayStation 2 is capable of. We are not worried."

That seemed inconceivable at the peak of the Emotion Engine hype, and with the memory of the cartridge-bound Nintendo 64 still fresh in everyone's minds. Obviously, there was no way Nintendo could hope to compete with the power of the mighty PS2! As it turned out, that Nintendo executive's confidence was well placed. Nintendo didn't just compete, it arguably exceeded the capabilities of the PS2."

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ChickeyCantor6252d ago

so what if the Wii isnt that WOW of a next gen.
im glad the way we use to play games in gonna change

eepiccolo6252d ago

Wow, John sure seems angry. Personally, I can't wait for Christmas to be over so a winner can be declared, and all the negativity on all sides will hopefully die down. That, and I want my frickin' Wii already ;)

THWIP6252d ago

Although I'm surprised he didn't touch on the more OBVIOUS reason to be upset about Wii: THE PRICE. $250 is too much for a repackaged GC, with a new controller. I can buy a GC used for $50 now....$100 brand new. So, you're paying an extra $150 for a new control scheme, which may or MAY NOT be a gimick (that will depend on how well the launch titles are received and developers use of it).
The rumored $179-$199 made it seem much more like a good deal...especially for casual gamers and/or non-Nintendo fanatics. At $250, I'll wait for a pricedrop, just like with the PS3.


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DaReapa30m ago

This game is in desperate need of a remake.


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Sonic188112d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Ultimate Spider-Man use to be my favorite until Insomniac games took over.

Inverno12d ago

I'd still choose Ultimate above all other games, followed by Shattered Dimensions

Abnor_Mal12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

My favorite and still champion Spiderman PS2, followed by Marvels Spiderman2, then Miles Morales, followed by Marvels Spiderman, and finally Ultimate Spiderman.

I need to drag out my PS3 and try Web of Shadows, owned the game for years and years and never played.

Rimeskeem12d ago

Shout out to cultured vultures for NOT making this 40 separate pages.

Relientk7712d ago

Spider-Man (2000), Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro, and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions were all so good! I have fond memories playing them.


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