Meet Mark Cerny: PS4 System Architect, Knack Creator, Busiest Man in Gaming

For most mortals, designing a brand new cutting edge gaming system from the ground up would be a full time job, and then some. However, for none-more-diligent PS4 system architect Mark Cerny, that wasn’t quite enough responsibility, so he set about crafting a launch title for the new platform at the same time.

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o-Sunny-o4046d ago

I'll buy day 1. Always appreciate new IPs and always love classic PS2 type games. ^~^ Thanks Cerny!

I_am_Batman4046d ago

Same. I'm glad we're still getting high qaulity platformers.

abzdine4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Another character is behind Cerny and no one knows about this secret:
PS4 is the new PS2, no doubt about that!

Timesplitter144046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

Mark Cerny looks like such a great guy and you can definitely see a touch of his lovable personality in the PS4's design philosophy

NatureOfLogic4046d ago

I'm so happy he helped make PS4. I'll be picking up knack to show my appreciation for such an inspiring person.

Pisque4046d ago

How is he an inspiring person? Have I missed something?

Pro_TactX4046d ago

Yes, you missed his impressive resume.

Cryptcuzz4046d ago

You obviously missed EVERYTHING.

Now get back in line!

MizTv4046d ago

Look at the work this man has done

danny8184046d ago

Lol i preordered it too. He looks like such a transparent guy who has alot of passion for videogames

Pisque4046d ago

I'm sorry but the previews are mainly negative when it comes to Knack.

Cryptcuzz4046d ago

I feel like those previews that weren't so positive of Knack is do to the previewers lack of an open mind, lack of Nostalgia - lack of appreciation that a game like this is not aimed at the demographic into super realistic textures with lifelike explosions and GUNS.

If you read the interview, you would know that his intention in creating this game was to have a launch title that could (and should IMO) be bought in conjunction with other core games such as Killzone, Watchdogs etc.

Wouldn't it be best of both worlds if Sony had a launch title that gamers with kids or young ones in their family have a game everyone could enjoy? A game that based on the interview could be easily approachable for new gamers or younger gamers and challenging if played on hard difficulty for the core?

CaptainQwark4046d ago

Also getting it - although I think it will probably be one of the first Instant Game Collection titles for PS4 - anyway, just to support Cerny. Games like that are rare nowadays when almost every game is a shooter or some other "online multiplayer experience". I think those kind of games make PS stand out and especially during the glorious PS2 times it made Sony the Nintendo for "Grown-Ups" (not that I don't enjoy N games anymore...)

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