Mech assault: how Titanfall could be Call of Duty's doom on Xbox One [OXM UK]

OXM UK writes: "Remember the Bubble Shield from Halo 3? Remember how dramatically it altered the chemistry of Bungie's multiplayer sandbox, allowing skilled Spartans to throw down fleeting tactical beachheads, overlaying their own terrain dynamics on the map architecture? That's the kind of wholesale change-up Respawn's aiming for with the Titans, the 24 feet-high posterboys of Xbox One's flagship shooter."

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hiredhelp2031d ago

As much as im little excited to see this on my PC And i would love someone to dethrone call of blasted duty.
I just dont think this will do it looks very differnt but that said we need more info too.

s8anicslayer2031d ago

People seem to forget that this is going to be on 360 also and if anything I think the 360 will be more of a factor in terms of user base as opposed to the XB1.

Geezus2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

^ true... but titanfall on xbox 360 might as well be a different game its even made by a different developer... i think to really experience what titanfall is all about it needs to be played on a pc or xbox One.

that being said titanfall will be a good game but it wont beat out Cod i do think Battlefield 4 will dethrone CoD this year though.

ape0072030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

" i do think Battlefield 4 will dethrone CoD this year though"

not a chance, the number of people playing TDM on BO 2 is more than the entire bf3 game

trenso12030d ago

to be honest i dont think anyone will need to dethrone call of duty this gen, reasons being is FPS were "it" game of this gen just like adventure/action games were for the ps2 gen, i think this gen is going to be more of a sandbox open world gen. Second the game graphically looks bland and so does the gameplay, still cant get over the fact that in the demo 4 soldiers made a door basically explode running from a what? I doubt people will want to pay for something that isn't trying to do anything new especially since we are in a new gen. Old tricks wont work.

3-4-52030d ago

It will be funny to read and hear the comments of COD hardcore fans though.

Will they worships COD Ghosts and hate on TitanFall ?

How could they hate on the creators of the franchise they worship ?

I think it will be enough for most COD fans to wake up and be like" wow...what have I been missing"..

Playing only one FPS game, you miss out on the entire world of gaming around you.

I was there for a bit..

Wizziokid2031d ago

At this point it can be this or Battlefield 4.

RememberThe3572030d ago

I'm far more interested in Destiny and BF4 than this. I guess I'm not into big ass robots unless their Japanese.

Shadonic2030d ago

I only like the robots, would rather have an attack on titan game with 5v5 multiplayer

CrossingEden2029d ago

that is the most biased and racist thing i've ever heard
"i'm not into robots unless their japanese"

zeal0us2030d ago

CoD has a bigger audience and open to more platforms. While I do think EA will bring Titan Fall to more platforms(just look at what happen to Mass Effect) it still have a long ways to go before it dethrones CoD.

UNGR2030d ago

EA bought Bioware, that's a different story. Here Microsoft paid to have it console exclusive. No idea as to how long it will be. May be permanent, or just a few years, time will tell.

CrossingEden2029d ago

why people are pretending like microsoft is the only game that has third party exclusives by paying for them is beyond me, EVERY COMPANY PAYS FOR EXCLUSIVITY, seriously fanboys, get this through your thick heads

KillrateOmega2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Call of Duty is available on a wider range of platforms, a wider range of gamers. This means that it will almost certainly sell better. It will also appeal to more people by the simple fact that Titanfall will have a whole range of people that it can't appeal to at all to begin with.

If Titanfall wants to have a real chance at dethroning CoD, then it will have to be available on ALL platforms. This will likely happen anyway, considering that it's EA we're talking about here, but still.

mochachino2030d ago

Titanfall looks cool but nothing extraordinary.

BF4 is CODs biggest competition imo. Titan Fall may become like Gears but has no chance dethroning COD as an exclusive. Won't even dethrone Halo.

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