The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Interview: PS4-Xbox One Versions, Weather System, Monsters And Dragons

At this year’s E3, GamingBolt were invited to the CD Projekt booth to check out The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. We got a chance to speak with Jonas Mattson, the environmental artist on the game, about the differences between the next generation versions, the weather system, the in-game day night system, dragons and more.

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allformats2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Then you better start. PS4 is about 50 percent more powerful than Xbox One, and we had better not hamstring the upcoming generation to make Xbox One look good.

Either way, Sony first party studios will make all these third-party developers look like kindergarten if they don't step and push PS4 for what it's worth.

LOGICWINS2876d ago

Its not about making the Xbox One "look good". Its about time and resources. Multiplatform devs don't have the time or resources to take full advantage of these consoles...thats why we have exclusives.

allformats2876d ago

And I disagree, Logicwins,it's not about time and resources, it's about not making one console look to good and the other too bad. And that holds back the industry in more ways than one.

But like I said, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and Guerrilla Games will show them up if they choose to hold back.

abzdine2876d ago

i wish third party will take advantage of the 7Gigs and easy architecture for their games!!

Winter47th2876d ago Show
vikingland12876d ago

People just don't get it. I guess they want developers to make gimped versions for Xbox One then. Because the PS4 is more powerful. Developers want their games to look good and play well on all platforms they develop a game for. It would be bad business to purposely under develop a game. Sony will be the ones to truly use the power in the PS4 on their exclusives.

Blankolf2876d ago

I just like "allformats" it's not about making another look bad, but rather take full advantage of the console that it's working, like when I am in a PC, it's different than yours, I adjust to take the most experience with what I have, same with the console.. Now you could have a lower PC and I would have a better and more graphical powered PC, so I would have a different experience, but perhaps you had a webcam and that would be built-in the game.

The console is a rather similar thing, they both have similar pc like architecture unlike last generation, there should be no excuse to make the most out of a console.

NewMonday2876d ago


I agree

technically it will take time to adjust the game engines for the RAM, even Killzone and Dark Sorcerer use only 5G. the 8g of GDDR5 was a late upgrade.

LOGICWINS2876d ago

@allformats- So its one GIANT conspiracy to make the Xbox One look better than the PS4?


MysticStrummer2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

"So its one GIANT conspiracy to make the Xbox One look better than the PS4?"

Come on man, that's not what he said...

He said they're trying to make the two look equal instead of using the available resources to their fullest.

It is funny how devs weren't holding back when XBox was more powerful than PS2, but when 360 and One are weaker they try their hardest for parity.

trenso12876d ago

yes it is about making one console "look good" what happened this gen, devs said 360 was easier to develop for so games looked slightly better on 360. Now Ps4 is easy to develop for and has more resources for devs to push to their games, them not using is only so that the X1 version doesn't look inferior to the ps4 version.

iMaim2876d ago

It won't matter to much this generation as both consoles will be utilising x86 architecture so console parity will be on an even scale.

Bereaver2876d ago

I have two questions..... When did optimizing a system's resources become not part of the developer's jobs? When did that become something that we aren't allowed to complain about and not purchase if we are willing to skip the game because it's just that, our choice?

I don't understand the logic of that.

aquamala2876d ago

I expect PS4 version to have slightly better AA,drawing distance, maybe texture than X1, but that's all, you can't expect a multi platform developer to rewrite much of their game to one platform when they don't care which platform you buy the game from.

Blankolf2876d ago

@Aquamala Not rewrite, but you are aware that witcher 2 PC version are quite different and quite flexible in configuration of graphism on the opposite of PS3 and X360.

We are not asking for a full rewrite, but considering it as a high end PC and medium end PC to the PS4 and X1 respectivelly, one and another should be pushed to the limit by turning the options as much higher as they can keeping a clean frame rate.

elhebbo162876d ago

@Logicwins I dont know why people are disagreeing with you, Game deadlines have a big effect on the actual game and how it looks. especially now that both the PS4 have X1 have a similar architecture (86x). if there is no time to fully optimize for that specific consoles, chances are they're gonna have really minor differences. Of course first party games are gonna always look good, this is obvious.

@allformats "it's not about time and resources, it's about not making one console look to good and the other too bad" what? no dev team does that unless they're getting payed huge amounts of cash from one manufacturer. and that never happens, the most MS have done is buy time exclusivity and exclusive content same as Sony has done on some games.

greenpowerz2876d ago

Sounds like word play by the interviewer. Trying to make developers agree with the interviewers belief about PS4 specs and rumored Xbox One specs.

Obviously there is some sort of MSFT NDA not allowing developers to give Sony protected information by falling for this spec baiting.

I feel people are not convinced over PS4 power prowess hype and they need developers to confirm their hope. Never have I believed this more than after E3 when Sony leaning media and fanboys were spreading lies about XB1 games at E3(running on PC vs XB1 lies or painting an example as the overall truth)

XB1 games speak to the power of the console.

Proof is right in front of you the truth is coming.

SilentNegotiator2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

All they have to do is make sure it has a much higher framerate and/or res/texture res/AA/ etc. on the PS4 version.

starchild2876d ago

You aren't going to get a much higher framerate on PS4. 50% more performance isn't enough of a power gulf to allow for a jump from 30fps to 60fps. We can more likely expect a stronger adherence to the 30fps target.

BUT, I don't think we should worry about PS4 multiplats looking better. They will. The developers are always going to be diplomatic and try not to step on any toes as far as what they say, but you can be sure that when the games actually launch there will be differences in the graphics and performance of these games. You can take that to the bank.

awi59512875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

The only game that uses more than 4 gig of ram is BF3 and its a memory hog and wastes the power and doesnt use it. You have have 16G of ram and it will use that and any Virtual memory it can find from your hard drive its optimized like crap. It does the same for Cpu's it will use all cores but wont run any better. I turned my virtual memory off for BF3 to force it to use ram its a gready no good game that sucks the life out of your pc. It just takes and takes and doesnt perform any better.

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Cmk01212876d ago

exactly what the guy below you said... ps3 was way more powerful than the xbox and most xbox cross platform games looked better than ps3 because it was more difficult to develop for and its about time contraints. exclusives get that extra polish not cross plat games. and in the end the "50%" will be negligible to the human eye, on paper its great but in real time it will be hardly noticeable

Blankolf2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

You are aware that right now both next-gen consoles present the most simple of architectures to work with and push to the limite, resembling almost a PC, so (sorry for the cliché response) your argument is quite invalid sir.

They will take advantage if they want to, take it like this, you have high RAM PC with windows 7 and another higher with windows 8, they are both different OS's, different power but quite similar architecture to push to the limits.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2876d ago

But that was due to architecture difference.these consoles are both p.c based so dev'ing for the stronger console then downscaling should'nt be a happens with p.c vs consoles all the time.

titletownrelo2876d ago

Really? to respond to the first part of your paragraph...

And to respond to the last part...
So, if "50% will be negligible to the human eye", explain to me how Infamous: Second Son and Killzone Shadowfall look so damn good?

Hercules1892876d ago

@titletownrelo, can u explain how ryse, forza 5, dr3, quantum break, and that black tusk game looks good on "supposedly" weaker hardware.

Blankolf2876d ago

@Hercules189 Of course they look good, sir, we are talking about both next-gen consoles, they both have quite the kick behind them, we are just saying that one has a stronger kick, in the long run, one will have better looking games, not necessarily better games.

But giving the small ammount of 1st party microsoft studios and big ammount of 1st party Sony studios not to mention its quality on concurrently taking the prize of game of the year, i think it will prove difficult to Xbox1 unless they bring something else to the game.

sofocado2876d ago

I have only seen rumor specification of the Xbox One. I have seen 50% others says 40%. MS confirm the GPU spec?

Elit3Nick2876d ago

@sofocado I've even heard 33%, but the bottom line is that MS still has yet to announce official gpu specs and the ones that people are clinging on to are rumored ones.

tigertom532876d ago

I would have to say it's 15 percent between the two but you are right we need more info on what Microsoft custom gpu can really do...

awi59512875d ago

I couldnt care less im about to make a new dual card PC and two cards always beat one when you have the right cpu running it. NO matter how much the single card dbags have to say they will respond to this. But here is a fact there are games that single cards cant run at max(Fact dbags) and dual cards can, and all my games run buttery smooth. Because i know how to build a proper gaming pc. Dont give me that single card is better crap my dual cards runs everything great and costs me far less money than buying the top of the line cards and they out perform the 1000 and 600 buck cards.

humbleopinion2875d ago


You got it all wrong: The cross platform games looked better on the X360 simply because it was a more powerful system. This time around it's the PS4 that is more powerful.

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first1NFANTRY2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

"Either way, Sony first party studios will make all these third-party developers look like kindergarten if they don't step and push PS4 for what it's worth."

and this^^ is the sole reason why Sony exclusives are held in a greater light with plenty of their first party games winning GOTY awards this entire gen.

eventually the truth will come out and people will see the difference.

Zeniix2876d ago

Can't wait for a ps4/xbone graphics comparison :P

GribbleGrunger2876d ago

Jesus, he's actually openly admitting they're NOT taking advantage of the PS4s faster RAM! What about the GPU? Lord, don't let this happen all over again. There's no excuse this time either.

Jonas Mattson: 'As you are aware am an environmental artist but we have talked about this in the office. I don’t think we are taking too much advantage of it. But as I said I am entirely not sure about this as I deal with making the world pretty.

LOGICWINS2876d ago

No one cares because the game will look beast regardless of platform.

GameCents2876d ago

Fantastic. Thanx for derailing the whole discussion before it even begun. Now we have to listen to the gokiburi agenda instead of talking about the actual game.

TheTwelve2876d ago

I WISH 3rd party developers would make sure to use the full potential of the PS4. But this is "wishful thinking". I have a hard time imagining Microsoft allowing this to take place.

We're just going to have to trust in the 1st party developers to truly use the PS4. Any further expectation will lead to disappointment, I'm afraid.


UNGR2876d ago

Can you guys start adding in "graphically" at the end of that? They're essentially the same machine.

creatchee2876d ago

I have to laugh. There are tons of questions about a fantastic looking game from an amazing series, but all the fanboys only want to talk about is one comment that was ambiguous at best.

I'm beginning to think that this generation is about bragging rights over a few extra frames per second or an additional shrub texture rather than actual games.

Typical N4G.

BallsEye2876d ago

Shut the **** up already please with that 50% more powerful on every damn article! You have no idea what you are talking about, just repeating random headlines. Do gaming community a favor and get off the internet. Witcher 3 will be amazing no matter on what system it will be and no system will get bottleneck because of the other. PERIOD!

CrimsonStar2876d ago

Don't worry about the ps4, if it's actually 50% more powerful we will be able to see a difference some where .

S2Killinit2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

just so you know, PS4's CPU is 50% faster, and PS4 has better RAM and more of it dedicated to gaming. But that is not the same as the system being 50% more powerful. 50% is a lot. The fact is that the PS4 is clearly a more powerful system, and the developers obviously can't come out and say it straight up, it would be bad business. The games will look slightly better on PS4, especially if Playstation takes the early lead and becomes the lead platform to develop for (something 360 enjoyed during the initial phase of the last generation due to coming out a whole year ahead of PS3) This time around, the multiplats will look slightly better on PS4, and Playstation first party exclusives will be way better in terms of graphics. Having said that, 50% more powerful is just not true.

Belking2876d ago

"PS4 is about 50 percent more powerful than Xbox One"

The easter bunny is more powerful than santa ps4 is not 50% more powerful than xbox-one. Sorry but there is no game showing proof of that and no developer has said it.

PFFT2876d ago

Performance wise only good sir.

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RiPPn2876d ago

"I don’t think we are taking too much advantage of it. But as I said I am entirely not sure about this as I deal with making the world pretty."

Weird comment, sounds like he has no idea. lol

S2Killinit2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

What does that mean? "too much" does it mean that even if you are paid by Microsoft, you still can't deny that the PS4 version is going to be slightly better? ;)
I think the power difference between the two systems is really putting developers in a bind because they can't come out and just say that the PS4 is more powerful and when they are asked they have to sort of brush the question aside which tends to get awkward.

TechnicianTed2876d ago

I'm sure they will concentrate on using the GDDR5 and DDR3 ram a gaming pc will have, so that's all that matters to me.

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