Final Fantasy XV All-Star Development Team Revealed

Square Enix has confirmed that the widely respected First Production Department developing Final Fantasy XV (formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII) includes many famous creators. Shinji Hashimoto (producer), Tetsuya Nomura (director and character designer), Hajime Tabata (co-director) and Takeshi Nozue (lead art director) are all on board for the development of Final Fantasy XV, as is Yoko Shimomura, the famed composer who is best known for her work in the Kingdom Hearts series.

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Xof1993d ago

The name that leaps out to me is Yoko Shimomura. Kingdom Hearts had some great music, and IMHO recent Final Fantasies have barely managed to get 1-2 tracks of music that were any good, with most of the melodies being indistinguishable from elevator music.

Some good music can go a long way to helping me forgive certain game design flaws. Remember how linear level design was in FFX? I don't--because the soundtrack was phenomenal.

torchic1993d ago

Final Fantasy XIII had a fantastic soundtrack tbh.

Xof1993d ago

I'll have to disagree with you on that one.

It only had one track I found to be very good, which was the battle music. And Square-Enix seems to agree with me, as it's the music that plays constantly during the game--in and out of combat--and was the music used for most all of the trailers.

DragonKnight1993d ago

There were 3 tracks in the FFXIII soundtrack that I found to be good myself. Snow's Theme (most badass character theme in any FF game IMO), the O'erba Village theme (reminiscent of Zanarkand meets Nier to me, but then FFXIII's track was trying to be like FFX only failing) and the track called Mysteries Abound. Other than that, I found the whole soundtrack to be easily forgotten.

ScubbaSteve1993d ago


I find it hard to think of any game with an OST that comes even remotely close to being as awesome as the Nier OST.

DragonKnight1993d ago

@ScubbaSteve: Well, the FFXIII soundtrack doesn't come close to the awesomeness of the Nier soundtrack, but the O'erba Theme sounds like a mixture of the styles of FFX's Zanarkand theme of constantly playing even during battles (not To Zanarkand, but the music that's playing when you reach Zanarkand) and the vocal style of Nier's overworld theme.

O'erba Theme:

A Fleeting Dream (Zanarkand Ruins Theme):

Hills of Radiant Winds (Nier Overworld Theme):

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wishingW3L1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

true. FF12 had awfully generic music, FF13 had like 1 maybe 2 songs at most that were decent, FF13-2 had some of the worst soundtrack in the entire series just like FF10-2 and I hope they change that with FFXV.

edit: FF13 battle music was good at first but later on it gets very annoying and it's even worse with the remixed version of FF13-2. The only good ones would be the the intro, the ones that plays on Vanallie and Fang's village and that is it.

FF13 intro, a bit cheesy but still decent:


1993d ago
DEATHxTHExKIDx1993d ago

Woah srslY? XIII-2 had a pretty kool OST better than original XIII imo.

pompombrum1993d ago

Just youtubed some of the Kingdom Hearts music (waiting for HD version) and I have to admit that the music sounds really really good.

Wolfbiker1993d ago

check out Radiant Historia's soundtrack, that was also some great work from him, as well as Xenoblade Chronicles' soundtrack.

1993d ago
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Zechs341993d ago

Phenomenal team working on this game. Cannot wait wait for this to finally come out.

wishingW3L1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

FFXV is going to be so good. All the people working on it are the best talent Square has right now. And the best part is that Toriyama has nothing to do with this project!

Tabata, Takeshi and Nomura. ;)

Tabata proved himself by directing the mess that Toriyama created, Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday. The only bad thing about that game was the story which was written by mediocre Toriyama. Square should fire that guy for good already so we don't have to play any more of his games. He always write the worst stories and he's a failed director obsessed with waifus.

Toriyama even almost ruin FF7 at one point but Sakaguchi was there to stop him. In an old interview Sakaguchi even joked that Toriyama has very weird ideas but to me he's just a pervert with no talent. How he earned such a high position at Square? We have Wada to blame for that and the fact that many key people left the company to fund Mistwalker (which sadly almost went bankruptcy for refusing to create games for PS3 and now they are stuck making social games), so Toriyama was the person with the most experience with the FF franchise. But still, Wada bet on the worst horse and thank god he's not he president anymore too, so I bet Square will be much better from now on.

Garbanjo0011993d ago

It's rumored that FF15 is open world. I hear it's going to be huge. I'm glad that FF series went back to a darker, grittier world to roam, with amazing graphics and battle system . . . (don't get angry at me for saying this) FF15 could be the FF7 of nextgen.

project_pat361993d ago

I don't think people want ff7 remade as much as they just want the materia system recreated and updated. hell im playing ff7 right now (again....) on my vita and I cant say I would want a hd remake, the game is perfect as is.

that being said.. I would like to see the junction system from ff8 remade as well

DEATHxTHExKIDx1993d ago

Kool part about the Junction system is if u worked with it a little while u could break the game pretty early.

I personally want FFVI remade its my favorite in the series.

Garbanjo0011993d ago

I loved both the Junction and Materia systems. They both were cool as hell. The game I really want them to make a new spin on (which may be close to ff15 with all the characters in it,) FF6 Japan/3 in America. That game was awesome. I loved the idea of so many things happening at the same time, and it was such an epic game. My girlfriend is playing 9 for the first time and I am playing 8 all over again currently, I love 9 most I think . . . I like the cartoon side of FF series. 9 was such a great story, special place in my heart always. (tear, sob)

Commodore_1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

If no one will say it I will. This is the "All-Star development team" that took 6 years to get this game going. And lied about it being exclusive to PlayStation. Yeah, I'm salty about it, so what lol It does look like a phenomenal game, though.

Welcome2Die1993d ago

Eh I wouldnt worry about it. Nobody is gonna buy it on the Xboned anyway...

FF13 beat that game like 6-1 on PS3 and it was essentially non-existant in Japan.
But yeah I kinda wish I could wag it in the face of the xbots.

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