4 New Video Game Realities That Will Kill the Industry

The video game industry is thriving like never before. Back in the day, if you bragged to strangers about the headshot you'd just pulled off, you didn't get a round of virtual congratulations; you got a thorough cavity search by vigilant professionals. But now everybody games -- men, women, kids, the elderly ... hell, there are entire online services just for cats to play online games together in Japan (well, probably not, but you totally believed me for a second, didn't you?). But despite this thriving industry, a lot of sketchy new practices are emerging that may very well end up killing gaming before it even gets a chance to grow old, bloated, and entirely corrupt. If we want gaming to outlive its prime, we have to put an immediate stop to stuff like.

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360ICE1967d ago

Should be titled "four inconveniences that can be annoying"

mydyingparadiselost1967d ago

This was a pretty funny read, I appreciate any article that reminds me, humor wise, of the 90's game magazines. As far as industry killing practices go I could maybe see it happening. Eventually these companies are going to price their own customers out of the market or make so little available with the main product that few people are going to buy it in the first place. Maybe the industry needs a crash, let the indies rise up and give us some value for our money instead of trying to get more money out the money thats already been spent.