Ken Levine: Bioshock Infinite DLC is “going well” but game development “takes time”

Ken Levine gives an update on how DLC is progressing for Bioshock Infinite.

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EVILDEAD3601940d ago

This is why most devs plan and execute DLC way in advance. The only reason I didn't trade my Bioshock in was the promise of the DLC.

Needs to come out before the buzz starts to fade ala GTA IV's two DLC packs.


Blacklash931939d ago

First I hear gamers wanting developers to take their time making substantial DLC that isn't a cheap cash-in. Then they say they won't get it if it takes more than a few months and just trade the game in? I don't understand people at all... -_-

EVILDEAD3601939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

'I don't understand people at all'

What's not to understand?

Bioshock: Infinite was amazing. But it was single player only and it was 60 dollars. If there is no replayability and the game is in high demand, it is huge target to get traded in.

When you have Gamestop with campaigns to give 50% more on trade-in credit then you can see why this is tempting to the average consumer.

If you have DLC that comes in a timely manner then it leads you to keep the game longer and ultimately forever in cases where it doesn't become worth it to trade in.

This is why the devs pushed for that DLC season pass at launch. But I bet if they said the DLC would be here till sometime after June I guarantee not many would have bothered.


Rask1939d ago

And what happened with Bioshock PS Vita?

Kalowest1939d ago

That's up to Take-Two, not him!

Braid1939d ago

To be honest that was one of the few reasons I bought my Vita.

Aaaand we've got the middle finger instead.

3-4-51939d ago

Eventually there will be much better games for Vita than any Bioshock game.

Blacklash931939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

That was BS. They shouldn't announce things that they can't release... because apparently this is an industry where the people running it need to be told that.

^ "Eventually..."

Sony shows no signs of picking up the Vita thus far and it's been out for quite a while. They glossed over it at E3 and right now there are very few original, much less quality games on it. It's a great system, but no one wants to make anything for it.

I don't expect Vita to get more a small select few games that even come close to the critical acclaim of the Bioshock series in its entire lifespan at this point. I'd like to be wrong, but no evidence suggests that as of yet.

kewlkat0071939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Is it Ok to say that Games today don't really cost $60 because devs already took parts out and made into DLC to recoup more money in the long run...

Enjoying a console game to the fullest cost about $100.

Roper3161939d ago

hopefully it comes before the new consoles release. If it's after I know I will never get around to playing it just due to the back log of retail games I already have for the PS3.

I will be working on that back long long after the PS4 releases because I have around 35 unopened games to play so I can't see squeezing in DLC too.

XXXL1939d ago

Can't wait Bioshock Infinite was great.