Nintendo 3DS Outsold Microsoft Xbox 360 in U.S.

GI: "Microsoft Xbox 360 was the number one selling console in the US market for 29 months straight up until May. However, things changed for the Microsoft gaming machine in May, when the Nintendo 3DS console outsold the Xbox 360 and became the top selling console for the month of May."

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bicfitness1992d ago

But they both sold miserably YoY. 3DS was totally flat according to NPD. So we're celebrating a "winner of the loosers" competition. Every piece of hardware on the market at the moment is in a slump. I'm not an MS fan, at all, but those sales are decent for an 8 year old system. 3DS should be more worrying, given that is only a couple of years old and already a price-cut into its cycle.

bicfitness1992d ago

"Losers". Yes, typing on a phone is never a good idea. Thank you Grammar Sally.

-Mika-1992d ago

Well said. Bubbled you up.

DarkBlood1992d ago


i expected you to get off on comments that go your way disagree shall be given to you as obviously it appears to be

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1992d ago

Well said mika. Bubbled you down

Starbucks_Fan1992d ago

Haha I remember when everyone had 5 bubbles yours went down to 3 in just days

animegamingnerd1992d ago

what the f*** are you smoking to say something that stupid?

NihonjinChick1992d ago

That price cut was one of the best things they could have done. The 3DS would have been a major flop without it. The numbers don't lie, the 3DS has rebounded from the slump it was in at release.

Nintendo has nothing to worry about. They have the hottest handheld on the market.

Locksus1992d ago

Yes, sure is worrying when the 3DS is making Nintendo lots and lots of money. The price cut was necessary for it to succeed.

grimmweisse1992d ago

Nothing wrong with a price cut. The 3DS was initially over priced, hence the slow sales, but once that price cut came into effect, it's been nothing by good news for the 3DS and glad for it.

I just wish the console was region-free, living and working between the UK and Japan is annoying enough, I don't want to buy 2 different region systems.

3-4-51991d ago

3DS has done some damage in only 2 years.

Compare it's first two years of games against any other console or handheld and I think it competes against all.

And honestly it usually takes until year 3-5 for tons of great games to start releasing.

Especially the RPG's.

For GBA & DS they had a good amount of RPG's start releasing in year 3,4,5,....they take a bit to make.

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akaihana86plus1992d ago

does it play games?, so yes, it's a gaming system :3

buynit1992d ago

My phone plays games... Is that a console too? Its a gaming handheld system not a console..

akaihana86plus1992d ago

@BUYNIT, Your phone play "games" yeah, but it's not a dedicated thing for games only, 3DS is a console, system from Nintendo, it has way better games than your phone ;)

buynit1991d ago

Actually aka... I have a few games on my phone thats better than some 3ds games.. so... the ps4 and xb1 does more than just games so they dont qualify as consoles then?

This is getting stupid aka... a handheld is a handheld.. a console is a console you know playstation3 360 wiiu..

You said it your self... does it play games? Yes my phone plays games so I guess I have a console for a phone..

akaihana86plus1991d ago

@BUYNIT, phones are phones period, PS4 and XOne are videogame consoles, 3DS is a videogame console, handheld but still, try to twist and turn it the way you want, 3DS games are far better than what phones offer, end of discussion!

buynit1991d ago

Oh shut it up aka.. ur talking about me twisting it around yet your post clearly said if it plays games its a console. You can hate phone games all you want but it doesnt change the fact that it plays games... you cant have it 3 ways.

Its not a fucking video game handheld console.. when I get home from work I will get my vita box and see if I see any mention of console then I will get my ps3 wii or 360 box and see if it sais console.

And no.. not all 3ds games are better than all phone games wtf kinda phone u have a lil flip phone lol.. dont get me wrong the 3ds is over all a better handheld to play gamea over a phone but to say that phones dont have good games is just as stupid as you calling a handheld a console..

akaihana86plus1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

@BuyNIT LMAO, awwwww somebody might be mad now!, phone games suck and no i don't hate my phone, muah! :)

buynit1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Aaww what a way to fizzle out with the last bubble..

Fine all phone games suck... matter fact they are horrible! However, according to you its a fucking console! Lmfao
Thats what j like about n4g you will always come across an idiot and have a good laugh.. and to think I did all this with my phone video game handheld console what a mouth full that was.. lol

Thanks for the good laugh aka... no hard feelings notice I didnt disagree qith all thos dumb post of yours hell I didnt even bubble yoj down....

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3-4-51991d ago

handhelds are consoles.....with a built in controller.

It's more powerful than most of the consoles ever made so I would assume it qualifies.

MikeyDucati11992d ago

Uh what?? Really? Now this is what you want to talk about? 3DS beating 360 in sales? So you are contributing to the silly console war thing?

Talk about your crappy journalism.

theWB271992d ago

While I respect the article...the 3DS isn't a console. Even so..numbers are going to drop since most people are saving for next gen now. Numbers will steadily drop or flatten out.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1992d ago

Pokemon will make them skyrocket again and zelda.

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