Miiverse Post Character Limit Increased To 200

As reported by many users on the internet as and after doing a self-check, it seems as if Miiverse users are now able to post up to 200 characters instead of the original 100.

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guitarded771944d ago

Yeah, this was one of my chief complaints. We had more space on twitter. Of course I'd prefer more (500 would be nice), but 200 is a hell of a lot better.

routerbad1944d ago

It's about time. Interesting that Nintendo is just making improvements with little in the way of announcements, other than in miiverse of course.

TheEvilWithin1944d ago

That's awesome news! Now I don't have to worry to much about what I post as in amount of words lol

Nevers0ft1944d ago

The jokes on you Nintendo, I can sum-up why this is awesome news in less than 100 characters :D

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