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GR-UK writes: "My first battle was easy. The higher ground, the trebuchets, the stampeding elephants, all conspired together to make for a straight forward beating. The Roman units were routed one by one, and I didn't even need to break a sweat to do it. The naval battle that went alongside was similarly swift. All that was needed to be done was prevent the Roman ships from getting past my units, and thus stopping them from disembarking troops to the rear of my hilltop force.

The second battle, where the tables were turned and I assumed command of the Roman force, was a little trickier. First I dispatched half of my ships into direct naval combat with the Egyptian fleet, and in doing so sent them off to certain death. The other half I sent straight to the nearby shore, had three units of troops disembark and join my force at the bottom of the hill.

From here it was a straight-up pincer attack. Cavalry and elephants were sent to the left flank, my newly acquired units held the right, and the main thrust of my attack were sent marching up the centre of the hill. So as to minimise the devastation caused by the defensive tactics of the Egyptians, I adopted a loose formation, so when their war elephants charged through my ranks, sending troops flying, the damage was somewhat lessened."

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