Kingdom Hearts 1 Data Is Lost; Square Had To “Recreate Everything” For HD

“We had to recreate graphics, and it was actually not that easy,” says Tetsuya Nomura about Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix.

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Xof1967d ago

...And, once again, I am astonished by the sheer level of competence demonstrated by Square-Enix.

Dno1967d ago

same thing happened to sony with killzone remake. you hate them also?

Idk how this is bad this means they didn't reuse crappy data. the game should be better for it.

Need4Game1967d ago

"Recreate Everything"? What's next, they end up making Kingdom Hearts 3 an Action-MMORPG ?!

gaffyh1967d ago Show
minimur121967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

that's silly..... why didn't just rip all data from the game?

and wont kingdom H 1 HD lok alot better than 2?

I had to stop listening to that interview, his sniffling was annoying me.

Reibooi1967d ago

One of the things he says kinda implies they did rip some of the data from the game.

"So, we had to research and we had to dig out from the actual games available, and recreate everything for HD."

As far as KH1 looking better then 2 well I would assume they will do something similar with 2 and try to make them look somewhat consistent across the board. That was something that Nomura said excited him about doing these KH remasters.

minimur121967d ago

lol @ all the disagrees, what, is sniffling not annoyinh?

or is it the fact that me saying that 1 will look better than 2

..... the beautiful world of n4g.

despair1967d ago

So blind rage at a company who has produced some of the best games in history, just because they made a few games (or didn't make) that you did not like?

Yea, people need perspective, this shows that they didn't just scrap the project, they took the time to rebuild it back up, they are doing the same thing with FFXIV, they could've scrapped it or left it to die but they took the time to recreate it in a better form and yet people still bash them for what?

I agree Square Enix has a problem but they seem to be trying to change for the better, they have really started to change things around a bit and hopefully we see that continue and encourage them rather than bash every little problem you have with them.

Xof1967d ago

Since when has anything in any of my comments in my entire history at N4G been written in a tone that could be construed as "rage?"

And since when did Square-Enix make any of the "best games in history?" The best titles they have to their name are remakes of older games.

Square-Enix is not the same company as Square. Square-Enix is not the same company as Enix.

And as for S-E really starting to change things around a bit," well the only thing that matters is results--and so far, they're no better now than ever, with their focus on iOS games, unwillingness to localize RPGs overseas, and all those recent cheap money-grabs.


It's time to get over your nostalgia, people.

TheEvilWithin1967d ago

Well said despair! I'm with you! I think the company is finally heading in the right direction. Finally getting FF 15, Getting KH3, There finishing up Lightning's story arc and they are about to rerelease FF 14 and from the sounds and looks of it FF14 is going to be amazing. I don't know why this site is so negative all the time. We should be excited for these things that are happening. Me as a gamer could not be any happier! Getting Earthbound for the Virtual Console from Nintendo and getting KH3 from Square. These are games as a gamer that I have been waiting to play for a long long time now. I think not to sound corny but Greatness does await and we should all be excited.

kreate1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I agree w Xof

Squaresoft was great!
Square enix seems good.

Although it seems like the company is trying to change things around, that change hasn't come yet.

Ill believe it when its in my hands.
Cuz seeing something from square doesn't mean a whole a lot.

despair1967d ago

Nah i definitely did not mean to paint you as a fanboy or not sensible, but the hit against square enix over this screams anger, which is where I based my point.

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Rob_From_GopRant1967d ago

That sucks they lost the data. It still would be nice to play again in HD. Square will make a comeback - i got faith.

Oneirous1967d ago

So that's one of the reasons why Versus took so damn long.

-GametimeUK-1967d ago

And yet this is still releasing before FFX? I hate Square-Enix so much.

NarooN1967d ago

Some of the biggest trolls in current-day game development.

AiirJordann231967d ago

I think that SE actually put the games in the order that the story go. Really interesing.

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