Shuhei Yoshida: Negative Response To Xbox One Was A 'Very Useful Source' For PS4 Marketing Decisions

To someone observing the E3 press presentations unfold, the narrative presented was pretty clear: Microsoft was restricting user rights, while Sony made a point in their conference that it wasn't doing a thing with them.

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M-M1943d ago

Indeed it was, that move was perfect at E3.

allformats1943d ago

Momentum is on Sony's side, and even after the backtrack Microsoft isn't to be trusted.

PS4, I declare, has already won the eighth generation of consoles.

1943d ago
NewMonday1943d ago

this marketing line doesn't work now, they need to bring the focus back the the power+price+games+larg PSN launch library+ design+ social and share features

Elem1871943d ago

Sony lost me as a customer, I refuse to buy a console that puts multiplayer behind a pay wall. I refused to buy an x360 because of this, It would be pretty hypocritical to accept it now because Sony is on board now.

I'll remain consistent and go PC this gen... Ad maybe pick up a Wii U in December

Sitdown1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Something tells me that regardless of what Microsoft does, you would not trust them. Did you stop trusting Sony when one of its divisions got hit with the lawsuit for DRM on cds? The battery fiasco? The talk about not needing rumble in the dualshock 3, when we all knew it was a lie because of a lawsuit? Talking up their online streaming service, only to later leave some regions clueless of when it will be available to them. No company can necessarily be trusted as they are ran by infallible people with a focus of making money and pleasing shareholders. Shoot... even after we had our ps3s, Sony felt it was in their right to remove features.... Remember the other operating system?

tigertron1943d ago


With the PS4 you're paying for PS Plus, which in my opinion, is a brilliant service. You get so many games with it for the price of one game a year.

Infact, I bought a Vita this morning because I didn't realise how many Vita games I actually had as a result of Plus.

Do yourself a favour. Buy a PS4 and embrace Plus. If not, then you're missing out.

nukeitall1943d ago


Not to mention how Sony didn't patch their servers (a very common security practice) and got hacked loosing 70 million peoples data.

"Sony’s Playstation Network outage has gone from one of the worst Internet service interruptions ever to one of the worst security failures in consumer electronics history."

insomnium21943d ago


0 dollars were stolen so 0 effs were given.

Why o why1943d ago

A lot of deflection here I see. Some with nothing to do with playstation and others of their staunch defensive mentalities. RROD was the biggest ef up Nukeitall. It was denied by ms and its fanboys. Ms's e3 goes down as the biggest wtf conference in e3 history followed by the biggest U turn in gaming history....(a good one to be fair)

Thing is people have more valid reasons to give ms the side eye like their front loading of games only to fall off mid way and their subsequent shift in focus that coincided with kinects release. Their nickel and diming for proprietary additions and general restrictive nature.


I'm also annoyed sony put a multiplayer paywall up even though I've always been a plus subscriber. If I wasn't, I may of felt the same way. I was definitely going to call it a day if sony went down the same drm path ms flopped going down.

We can only live by our principles. I've seen the benefits of plus and was truly hoping sony could still afford to keep multiplayer free. Out of everything, that and a lack of backwards compatibility were the bitters amongst the sweet

gaffyh1942d ago

@Sitdown - LMAO haha rumble...oh no what will we do without rumble?!?! Did you really just say that? That was the only thing you mentioned that actually affected gamers.

Sony Music and PlayStation are a separate division, so what one does, is not the fault of the other. I would have understood the PSN "hack" thing, but rumble, bwaahaha. They didn't lose 70 million user details, and they did the right thing of stopping the service entirely to actually fix it and find out what exactly was happening. If they had left it available once they found, then I would not trust them.

Trust is something you earn. People may not be able to trust Sony with their financial details, but what they can trust them with is games. You can trust Sony to push the envelope, and actually make new compelling games, unlike Nintendo and to an extent Microsoft, who just like to milk the same franchises over and over, rarely releasing new IPs, and in MS's case, hardly any games towards the last half of a generation. They gave up on Xbox 1 (not Xbone) 3 years into it's life, and for the last three years on 360 there have been almost no exclusives, and then there's the whole DRM fiasco with the Xbone.

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PopRocks3591943d ago

No kidding! Sony's been kicking Microsoft in the nuts since E3. And it's been quite entertaining, to say the least.

"Step 1: Share your game!"

Automatic791943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

If PS is winning on the account of bashing MS then in all honesty that is not saying much about PS.

All Jokes aside if this was the other way around I wonder what the scenerio would be like on this site. LOL

M-M1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Then people would be backing up the Xbox One. I'm pretty sure that if Sony was doing what Microsoft is/was doing, it would be exactly the same as it is right now except Sony would be getting bashed. Stop trying to cause a useless argument in the comments section greenpowerz.

MysticStrummer1943d ago

"If PS is winning on the account of bashing MS"

Who's saying that, other than hardcore MS supporters?

"if this was the other way around I wonder what the scenerio would be like on this site."

That's easy. If it was the other way around, hardcore Sony supporters would be the ones ignoring reality and hardcore MS supporters would be right to point it out.

Your comment was two non-points in a row.

Well done.

FlunkinMonkey1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

MichaelLito79 (Greenpowerz or one of the other MS groupie's who have conveniently dissapeared) is definitely NOT the sharpest tool in the box.

nukeitall1943d ago

Sony won on the basis that they took us back to stone age physical media.

If anything the future was delayed unfortunately. It definitely didn't help with MS unclear PR.

It is kind of sad really, that instead of being excited for new things, we get people excited about the status quo: physical discs and mostly controller based gaming.

What happened to new experiences? Oculus rift looks exciting and I would love to pair that with Kinect!

FlunkinMonkey1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )


Delaying the future? Not like when MS didn't want to adopt bluray last gen, and are using inferior hardware this generation.. yea man totally looking to the future.

Can't wait until they start incorporating DRM in the future, yea dude.. so pioneering, they are just so ahead of their time. With Kinect I can tell my Xbox to turn on and stuff, but has otherwise proven a gimmick that the majority of ppl don't want.

Yea.. the saviour of consoles for the future. Pfft.

Why o why1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

'Sony won on the basis that they took us back to stone age physical media. '


What a stupid comment. Ms had their chance and the y p*s*ied out. You see, ms aren't stupid...they will always have blind followers like yourself but its wasn't your kind that made them do the right thing. It was the lack of people putting in pre orders, probably the clued up ones. They made ms do a u turn. The fanatics think they're the ones ms care about the most when you should be able to tell by now that ms goes where the money aren't the money they prefer Nukeitall. They KNOW they'll always have your blind support.

ThanatosDMC1942d ago


Wtf would an Oculus Rift need from Kinect? Think about it for a moment and then punch yourself.

iceman061942d ago

@nukeitall..."Sony won on the basis that they took us back to stone age physical media." Funny how the stone age looks very much like...I don't know....TODAY!?!? As far as new ideas, not all new ideas are GOOD ideas. See Japanese imperialism for a good example...your name should give you a hint as to how THAT turned out!

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FlunkinMonkey1943d ago

O and how could i forget, still having AA batteries in your controller.. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Picnic1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

It's a great shame. For a while, the Xbox360 was cool enough on its own terms to compete. The fact that you still need batteries in a controller might not bother everyone but if the small details are so stuck in the past it tends to reveal something wider. Like they stand more chance against the WiiU than the PS4.

MasterCornholio1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

If Microsoft never implemented an anti consumer DRM policy in the first place would yoshida release a video like this?

Yep Sony took advantage of Microsofts anti consumer policy's and used it against them.

GenericNameHere1943d ago

And? Nothing wrong with it. Microsoft made a foolish mistake, and Sony just took advantage of it.

Now that Microsoft has removed DRM, Sony will now either find a way to make the PS4 as appealing as it can be, or find another weakness from Microsoft, and exploit them for it.

MasterCornholio1943d ago


I didnt say that there was something wrong with that in fact i applaud them for making a big deal out of the used games issue. Because if they didnt Microsoft would probably continue with their previous policies.

fsfsxii1943d ago

The opportunities Sony had prior to E3 and at E3, man, these were opportunities that come every century

joefrost001943d ago

MS gave them a cover
To cover the fact they had an boring conference with nothing hadn't already seen
Up until they started taking shots at MS
And you sony fanboys complain about MS PR talk lol

mkotechno1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

So you had already seen the PS4 design and price before the E3?
You've good contacts bro.

MysticStrummer1943d ago

Two questions...

Who complains about MS PR talk when it's true?


Who ever said that showing something new = showing something good?

But, as mkotechno pointed out, Sony did show some things that hadn't been seen. MS just got schooled on how to reveal a product.

MasterCornholio1943d ago

"MS just got schooled on how to reveal a product."

Oh god not the XBOX One unveiling that was absolutely horrible.

rainslacker1942d ago

And despite all that, people still talk more about Sony's conference, and hardly any mention of games whatsoever, which is actually kind of sad. MS made people not care about the games anymore.

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