Put down your keyboard for just a minute: The Last of Us is actually really good

Take it from me, dear readers, as one of the most fervent PC evangelists in this wide brown land of ours — not only is The Last of Us one of the best games I’ve ever played, it’s actually a very strong case-maker for picking up a second-hand PS3 or borrowing one from a friend.

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ltachiUchiha1993d ago

Awesome to see even a pc elite love it. Im telling u, your missing out if u dont play this gem. =]

Ezz20131993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

my brother think all console games are not even close to pc games
he's a huge pc elite
2 days ago i wake up to see him playing the last of us 8 hours non stop and can't put the DS3 down
he said he has never played a game like this in his life

man, it felt good to see him admit that
that bastard always trashed ps3 and it games >:(

Salooh1993d ago

Show him this list and he may change his mind about playstation :

¬God Of War 3&Ascension
¬Demon souls
¬Heavy rain & Beyond:two souls
¬Ni no kuni

I bet i forgot some :P ..

ltachiUchiha1993d ago

Lol same with my little brother but hes a xbox fanatic & plays zombies every freakin day. I let him play the last of us because i have 3 ps3's and he is having a blast with it. Hes amazed how good the game actually looks for a ps3 game & has been playing it ever since but i told him, he needs to go buy him a copy cause this the only game i play when i have spare time.

Salooh1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I guess it's a common thing that little brothers love zombies and only think about them xD . My brother only played the last of us because he thought the infected are zombies , i feel sad for them . I bet he's crazy about trophies too but sucks at collecting them lol ...

HammadTheBeast1993d ago

This game is one of the best ever made. But I think some people like Polygon and others who give it 7's are really holding the industry back because of how they're reviewing.

Polygon guy says "I didn't like it because I didn't have fun".

That's pretty much the major thing holding video games back from all other entertainment mediums.

The Last of Us is a great game because of the story, the gameplay and everything overall.

So it's annoying to see someone say it's "not fun" because of how hard the shooting is (design mechanic), or how violent it gets (design), or how emotionally impacted the player is.

You can watch a movie and cry, doesn't make it a bad movie. But apparently reviewers don't get that yet.

Temporary1993d ago

I play this game everyday since launch. In the wee hours of the night, im sitting here in a dark room getting the best of my experience.

This game is beyond any other game you've played in a long time, they did a wonderful job.

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Cernunnos1993d ago

Im a pc guy, but my PS3 never misses a Naughty Dog or Kojima game! TLOU is a masterpiece.

yewles11993d ago

"not only is The Last of Us one of the best games I’ve ever played, it’s actually a very strong case-maker for picking up a second-hand PS3 or borrowing one from a friend."

Yes, god forbid should I ever buy a PS3 new...

Long walks, short piers and all that...

ltachiUchiha1993d ago

I think they have a sale right now for $250 u get a ps3 & it comes with 1 month of ps plus & uncharted 3 & the last of us. Thats a freakin bargain u cant beat.

Bathyj1993d ago

I know right. what a clown. I have pc mates pinning for this game. it's real easy to do if you want to play it. get the bundle for 350 you tight arse.

I actually bought the game and my Ps3 died. so I bought the bundle and flogged off the extra copy and two controllers. a nice new cheap Ps3 for me then.

andibandit1993d ago

uhm, since when did that bundle come with 2 controllers?

Bathyj1993d ago

I got them to swap the azurite blue Farcry 3 bundle for an azurite blue last of us bundle.

I'm people who know people.

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Dazel1993d ago

This is the first console game i've purchased in over a year, really enjoying it so far. :)

iistuii1993d ago

Yep i put down my keyboard & finished it. Great game it was too. But ooooh those jaggies.

KruLLit1993d ago

The game was great and all, but it's not the best game this generation.

stage881993d ago

It really is. The current generation will be remembered by this game.

ZodTheRipper1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

What's your best game of this generation then?
I can't remember playing any game ever with this kind of AAA-quality throughout a playtime of 15-20 hours, it felt like playing an incredibly long hollywood movie.

This game is ahead of it's time and will clearly outperform a lot of so called "next-generation" titles, that's why I see no problem in describing it as "game of the generation".

HammadTheBeast1993d ago

Actually it kind of is. Name one better game that does as much right as The Last of Us.

KruLLit1992d ago

Ok, I will tell you games from this generation that I think are better and that is not PC games.

- Metal gear solid 4
- Zelda twilight princess
- Super Mario Galaxy
- Xenoblade Chronicles

Those games have PERFECT gameplay.

I don't really know if The last of us is a stealth game or combat game, because the gameplay didn't exceed in either of those.
And yes I understand that they want the player to decide themselves how they want to play the game. The AI was pretty dumb as well, but you can't really expect much from a game released in 2013.

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GenericNameHere1993d ago

Haha yeah, I don't have a gaming PC, but I gotta admit, the game has a lot of jaggies, and it is a bit rough on some parts.

HOWEVER, for a 7-years old hardware, I'm IMPRESSED with The Last of Us. The game has some truly beautiful parts, atmospherically and graphically. The gameplay is also pretty good, decent at the least. Lastly, the story and characters are what makes this experience so good. The little bits of story you get from diary logs and audio logs are a nice side thing, adding in-depth stories to the main one. And the diaries from other survivors, like Ish's, are pretty darn good, and could easily be a DLC story. Ellie is one of funniest and coolest AI partners, Tess is badass, Bill is cool, etc.

In fact, I can personally say that my friend, who's a COD junkie, loved TLOU. He cried at the game's intro, and said he considers the game already a movie, but if there was a movie adaptation, he'd definitely go watch it. Plus, for a guy who's mad prestiged the past few COD games, and is a 7th Prestige on BOII, he LOVES Faction Mode. Since we both finished the story, we've played Faction every night, and are now on Week 7. If he was careful, and succeeded the mission for the 100% Risk raid, he would have been on Hunters right now.

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