EA Sports: FIFA 14 a 'massive difference' from FIFA 13

Electronic Arts is looking to "Ignite" its FIFA pro soccer video game franchise with FIFA 14. The game will be powered by the new EA Sports Ignite engine on next-gen consoles and is being promised as being drastically different from last year's FIFA 13.

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greedybear881994d ago

more like some minor/medium gameplay differences and a bit more sparkle in the graphics but essentially the same thing. I'll probably end up picking it up once it has been out for a while and goes down it price though.

Blankolf1994d ago

Since Fifa 09 or 10 that PES doesn't stand a chance in both gameplay, graphics and licenses, and since Fifa is in the throne, it doesn't make huge overhauls..

From fifa 12 to 13 there wasn't huge differences but the gameplay and physics felt different and better, yet it still brought the feeling it was a subtle change, I hope they at least step up the graphism and make all the major league players have decent faces instead of the default fifa ones <.<

ZodTheRipper1994d ago

And that's why PES 12&13 were better than it's FIFA counterpart gameplay wise. Unfortunately, without licenses you end up playing Madrid vs. Barcelona all the time in PES :/

Baka-akaB1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Except pes 14 is getting an overhaul , and already looks better graphically . So not really the time to rest on laurels

Thankfully there wont be a ps4 and XB1 version , so fifa is safe on that front

Gamer19821994d ago

try a minor difference in fact it wont be noticeable for players they will only pick it up as they want updated teams..

If another company picks up the license makes a top football game then releases update packs for £20 a year FIFA will die a deserved death.

3-4-51993d ago

Massive is a big word to throw around....

Going from 09 to 10 was pretty's what they should have been doing back in 07 at launch.

Spontogical1994d ago

They say that every year. :)

Haven't bought a sports game or yearly title since FIFA 11. Don't think I'll be doing that again.

Assassin's Creed is the only exception, but I pick them up roughly 1-1.5 years after release anyways.

Chidori1994d ago

Show us some freakin real time gameplay already.

H4all1994d ago

tell more about vita?
i don't want to have old copy sales like new...
fifa 12 and 13 vita is more like the same..
hope EA take note about this...

310dodo1994d ago

Hopefully on Launch day
I will walk away with my PS4, FIFA14, and Watch Dogs.

I want to see PS4 gameplay already!!
and also confirm its a Launch title!!!