PlayStation 3: Power, Pure And Simple.

Sony's PlayStation 3, a different beast from its PlayStation predecessors, is a video game system sturdy enough to be the centerpiece of a home-entertainment system. The PlayStation 3 is not a plastic toy; Sony's focus, this time, is on power -- pure and simple. The goal with the PlayStation 3 is to push cutting-edge technology that, while expensive and difficult to develop for today, will be around for years to come.

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OutLaw6334d ago

Good article especially this:

There should be no rush to declare winners and losers. However, one thing that seems clear is that Sony's dominant video game market share is destined to decline. For the past 10 years, video game developers have thrived on Sony's PlayStation platforms. It has been possible for companies to make a great living solely off the PS One-/PS2-installed base. Even if the PS3 is the best-selling system, it appears Microsoft and Nintendo will increase market share.

TheMART6333d ago

But still the article doesn't give what it almost indicates.

The PS3 spec's to proof it's power... RSX still no spec's?

Would you buy a PC GPU also if you didn't knew the specs but had to pay 600 dollars? In that case, I have a nice one here for you Sony fans. (I won't tell ya the specs allright? Geforce 2 cards aren't that popular anymore)

Oh yeah and this one is funny:

"So why did the PS2 succeed?"

What about it did through lying, then the Dreamcast dying. Headstart to the XBOX and with an installed consumerbase games were coming for it garantueed? As it will with the 360 now with 10 million users this Christmas???

Antan6333d ago


Watapata6333d ago

Your logic is completely flawed and you prove yourself a fanboy at every turn. You retain not one ounce of objectivity in any of your recent posts. Far as specs, lets see here Mart, do you have the technical training to FULLY understand those specs and derive an accurate conclusion from them? I highly doubt it. Fact is 99% of the consumer market would look at those specs anyway and draw conclusions entirely on information that they don't understand. People will try to tell you they do, they'll say "hey I know what the clock speed means at that sort of thing" and they will only be half right. You don't understand without knowing all the basics that went into its design. So give it a rest already. Where is your criticism of Nintendo for not releasing essentially any of their specs? Everything there is not but rumor. The fact is that none of these companies are in the least bit required to provide specs and in fact in makes little sense. But honestly, who cares what the specs are, its what you get out of them that matters, and so far you have not even SEEN a single game played in person much less played one yourself, so withhold judgement until you do. As far as how the PS2 sold so well, the article is spot on and your presented logic does absolutely nothing to disprove it. Keep in mind that even after the XBox and GameCube launched, PS2 still outsold both every single month. PS2 sold as well as it did, not based on the merits of its hardware, but the merits of the games came out for it. With the exclusion of nothing more than a hand full of games, all the must have's were on PS2 and when that's the case, its obvious that it should have one, because its the games that matter most not your irrational need for company loyalty

sparco6333d ago

This isn't news, this is just a fanboys attempt to show the PS3s power, which isnt realy that amazing after all (compared to the 360, its basically exactly the same). I still dont see the RSX specs. Are they that ashamed? I had a PS3 on order, but have cancelled it recently because i still dont know what im totally getting for that $600. Im gonna wait for the price to drop a bit before i get one i think.

THAMMER16333d ago

That is why I respect you bro. Your right no one would buy anything that was not fully understandable if they were smart. I work at a Bank and the #1 problem is that people never take the time to understand the products they just grab them and expect for it to operate like magic.
I think the PS3 is a great machine but the shadow of the PS2 is what makes it most appealing. But if has not passed the smell test for me yet because of all of the BS in the way.

THE TRUTH6333d ago

How many 360 owners know the specs of the 360s gpu and cpu? More important is the question of how many of them want to know?

Mart you seemed obsessed with RSX, personally I don't care much about specs! Can I play specs? Furthermore all numbers can be swayed to make their impact seem bigger than what it is. Disguised numbers is something that has been a trend in this industry for a LONG TIME, I take it with a grain of salt and let the games speak for a power of a console!

TheMART6333d ago (Edited 6333d ago )

So why are Sony fanboys then always crying about the Cell? Which is nice for scientific use but not for games?

As you know, the GPU is important in graphics, thus in games. Ofcourse numbers aren't all. But it's interesting to have a fair comparing.

So when you say this, you buy a PC card without hearing the specs? I have never heard any PC gamer that not wanted to know the specs of a GPU. NEVER

Furthermore, the one game out there this Christmas that is really stunning, which is not only said by me but a lot of independent game reviewing sites, is Gears of War.

The importancy of this all is: being fair about the stuff you sell. Sony never is. See the PS2 with the TFLOPS, the emotion engine. All lies. It would have been better then Dreamcast and 2 as powerfull as the XBOX. Duh. Man even the Gamecube does better.

Ppl buy on lies, that is the problem. So Sony put the specs out before you start to sell them. Although no worries, they can't supply as much the coming months so tech's have the time to find out what the GPU is all about

Thammer1 thanks. Indeed. I have been in the insurance/mortgage business. Ppl know sh!t many times of a lot of things. Which I find strange. I want to know all. And if a company lies about stuff I distrust them untill they proof me otherwise.

That's with banks, insurances, consoleproducers, etc etc. Most people can spend their money once, so make a good choice. If I wanted I could give myself the PS3 not for Christmas, but for uh spring ;) but I won't untill I know the specs of the GPU and see some descent demo's running AND the price drops till about 400 Euro's max.