Wargaming CEO upset over Xbox Live fee for World of Tanks

In an interview with GamesIndustry International, Kislyi expressed that the annual subscription fee for Xbox Live Gold members irked him a bit, as it meant that his game wasn't truly free. However, he chalked it up as a cost of doing business with a company as big as Microsoft. "They cannot drop it for us because they would have to drop it for everyone and it would be a total mess for them," he stated.

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iGAM3R-VIII1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )


I just remembered that this is a free-to-play-game and in order for this to work you have to pay 60 bucks for XBl, THEN it is a free-to-play-game.

LOL M$, your problems keep coming, even after you solve them.

A smart idea is to keep some games for free and able to use the without XBL but of course, $$$ is what you want.

M$= My $(money)

RM-TatoTiburon1939d ago

don't we have to pay a fee to sony in order to play the free games that they gave us?

Funky Town_TX1939d ago

Yes you do. Xbox live has had a fee since it started and this "CEO" did not know that?

DarkBlood1939d ago

if your talking about the psplus thing then that is a different thing. you dont need it to play "freetoplaygames" that is seperate and not a part of whole deal.

Ilovetheps41939d ago

You have to pay a fee to play PS+ games, but you don't have to pay for PS+ for f2p games. A couple of the f2p games for PS4 are Blacklight Retribution (a game I really enjoy on PC), and Planetside 2. I am pretty sure there are others, but I can't think of them off of the top of my head.

grimmweisse1939d ago

The free games on PSN are basically leased, as long as you have a plus subscription. But you're detracting from the point. You have to pay for XBL in order to play a free to play game. Kind of defeats to point doesn't it!

PS3, free to play games, no online subscription required.

PS4, free to play games, no online subscription required.

XBL, free to play games, online subscription required.

HammadTheBeast1939d ago

PS+ gives you cloud support for saved games, pretty awesome deals on PS store, free trials of games, exclusive betas, free dlc, dlc early, and themes, avatars, and automatic updates.

Oh, and then there's also 100+ good games a year for free with your subscription.

Here's a comparison.

Xbox: Fable 3, Assassins Creed 2 (2006), World of Tanks

PS3: Uncharted 3, XCOM, Saints Row 3, Just Cause 2 etc. DCUO, Free Realms, Dust 514.

Soon to be joined with max graphics Planetside 2, War frame, Black light, and DCUO with PC Max graphics.

andrewsqual1939d ago

PS4 Free 2 Play games WON'T require any payment or subscription to Playstation Plus. That is the topic of this article. Tekken Revolution is Free 2 Play on PS3 right now and Harada REFUSED to bring it to 360 because of it not actually being able to be played for free on Microsoft's incredibly flawed system, something that is going to screw them over and its customers in the next 5 years.

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Kratos_19861939d ago

you dont have to pay on ps4 to play f2p games

Cueil1939d ago

someone is paying for it

dolkrak1939d ago

@cueil So what ? Sony gives us more than MS, as usual. What's your point ?

aceitman1939d ago

just like Netflix u shouldn't have to pay for things that are free elsewhere. no matter pc or console

Mr2Good31939d ago

Of course you have to pay on XBL to play a free game. Hell, you have to pay for XBL to watch Netflix ( a service you already pay for ). If more people in the industry speak up then maybe MS will to a 180 like they did with the DRM and 24 check in.

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windblowsagain1939d ago

Strangely i got a free milkshake with my fries after i bought it.

iGAM3R-VIII1939d ago

was that supposed to be a joke?

Smoovekid1939d ago

It's Microsoft what do you expect.

Agent_00_Revan1939d ago

I think I got their new slogan:

Xbox One, come pay...erm.... Play with us.

shivvy241939d ago

No its "xbox one , jump out"

Jughead34161939d ago

With PS4, downloading Free to Play games won't require PS+. That's wassup. That's why I'm sticking with Sony. It's bad when developers that are making a game exclusively for your system is pissed at you.

MysticStrummer1939d ago

Indeed. One of my most anticipated titles is Planetside 2. Can't wait to see that on my big screen TV with surround sound.

mafiahajeri1939d ago

Love planetside but I don't think it will transfer well to console.

MysticStrummer1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Yeah it certainly will be a challenge, but I've seen control schemes that would work with a controller. Also, PS3 supports mouse and keyboard so I don't see why PS4 wouldn't.

mushroomwig1939d ago

Exactly, it seems like the developer didn't shop around first before settling with Microsoft. Sony don't aren't charging a penny for it.

CEO, I hope the money Microsoft paid you was worth it.

lonesoul651939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

not taking sides but if the only online you want to play is F2P...then that's great...anything else, you will probably get it either way.

Funky Town_TX1939d ago

What if the game has MP on PS4? Then you pay?

MysticStrummer1939d ago

Not with Planetside 2, Warframe, or DC Universe Online. Those are the only ones I know of so far that are completely free but I'm sure there will be others.

grimmweisse1939d ago

If it's a retail game that you paid for with an online component, the you will need a PSN+ subscription to access the online portion of the game.

If it's just a free to play game, just like MysticStrummer mentioned then no, you will not require a PSN+ subscription.

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BattleReach1939d ago

This is about the Xbox 360. It should be nice, happy and lovely here. We only hate when its about Xbox One, remember everyone? :)

Jughead34161939d ago

Yea, but this issue is about the subscription services not the system it's on. If this game were on Playstation, there wouldn't be a fee for it. It would be true FREE TO PLAY.

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