R.A.T.M Mobile Gaming Mouse Review - XCLANN

At first glance, the R.A.T.M model may look intimidating. This is not like your average mouse though, the model is a little weightier and looks to be built up in layers, going so far as to resemble some sort of contraption from a sci-fi thriller. The palm rest is a separate panel sitting on top of the device, allowing it to be manoeuvred to fit different shapes of hands. A small wing jutting from the left hand side acts as a form of thumb rest, and an additional clicking button lies just to the left of where your index finger will be, essentially granting you another command straight at your fingertips. Or at least acting as a comfortable finger rest. The 5D switch is also worth noting, as this small joystick of sorts can have up to 5 assorted functions mapped to it, eradicating the need to search for specific buttons during heated gaming sessions.

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The mouse look road worthy. P

Turbo Nezumi is. lol