Resistance: Fall Of Man Demo Available At Launch

To go along with the MotorStorm demo that will be available to the Sony PS3 at launch, it now looks like like Resistance will have its own demo as well. According to Kotaku and their hands-on preview of the game at Sony's recent press event, there will be a three-level demo of the game available from day one via the Playstation online network. For more of Kataku's hands-on preview of the demo they played, hit the link below.

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Captain Tuttle5890d ago

Free demos are always good. Those guys tend to be skeptical and they were impressed. Bodes well for Resistance.

kmis875890d ago

Cool, I'm wondering whether I should buy the game when I pick up the system or wait until I demo it and then decide whether to buy it. Having demos downloadable from day one is a good sign too.

DJ5890d ago

It was funny how the author of the article brought up odd points by other writers on the site and said he had no clue what they were talking about.

kmis875890d ago

I'm probably only going to get 3-4 games at launch, depending on the reviews and stuff. Right now I'm leaning towards Resistance, Madden, CoD3, and Rainbow 6. From what I've seen of CoD3 and R6 it looks like the 360 versions might end up being much better looking a lot better, and if the online is seriously lacking in either that's a deal breaker for me. So if the versions of either of those feel rushed, I'd probably wait to pick them up as 360 plat hits, or just wait for the next version of each. Fight Night looks good, but I've only played it in 360 demo units, and I wasn't that impressed. The first person mode looks sweet, so I'll try out a demo if they have one.

Basically that's where I'm sitting at launch. I would probably buy one or two more, but FFXII and Guitar Hero demand my money. God of War II will probably be the last ps2 game I buy, and I'll probably buy DMC4 when it releases, and RE5 if it comes out in spring, and MGS4 and FFXIII if they come out next year. The rest of my 2007 purchases would probably just be greatest hits games when they hit. Overall I'll have a nice handful of good ps3 games, a ton of ps2 games, and a wii to help my wait go by. Plus downloadable games will be available.

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