Exclusive Poster for GTA V Pre-Orders via Gamestop announced today via Twitter that anyone who pre-orders GTA V through their store will receive an exclusive double sided poster.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1994d ago

ill be skipping this game as much as a love gta. next gen is already pre ordered. ps4 ftw

Audiggity1994d ago

Or... his gain, when Rockstar finally announces GTAV for next gen/PC...

Some people don't want to invest 40+ hours into a game on hardware that is 8 years old!

I can't imagine that Rockstar is honestly going to turn a blind eye to a market segment willing to invest in advanced tech.

TheModernKamikaze1994d ago

@auddigity I doubt Rockstar will port it to PS4. Like they said: "The best games are the ones that are near the end of a consoles lifetime."

Audiggity1994d ago

@ModernKamikaze - Did Rockstar actually say that? I remember people paraphrasing it, but could never find the source.

Frankly, I wouldn't expect a "port" either. They knew this was coming, and they know they have a large PC audience. High resolution textures and advances features should have been developed from the ground up for years.

If not, it's the first time I've ever said this, but I would be very disappointed in R*

famoussasjohn1994d ago

Audiggity - I got somewhat disappointmented in R* when they did a pre-order bonus for in game content.

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A-laughing-horse1994d ago

Why would you miss it because of next gen? Mines ordered right next to my Xbox and PS

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1994d ago

i just have a feeling that gta5 will come out for next gen thats all

Maninja1994d ago

Same except its for saving up. I can't get a ps4 and battlefield and watch dogs while also getting gta5, I just can't afford it. The last of us was my last game of this generation

Galletto31994d ago

Golly gee! A whole poster?

Audiggity1994d ago

Yeah, but, don't get too excited. It's not even a next-gen poster.

GentlemenRUs1994d ago

Well, Least it's not DLC.

I can't stick DLC exclusive from other people and not the pre-order itself.

ScubaSteve11994d ago

I already got a poster that is a double side