Aksys Games releases Muramasa Rebirth for PS Vita

Game publisher Aksys Games has released its latest title, Muramasa Rebirth, for PlayStation Vita.

Created by developer Vanillaware, the game features two storylines.

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SynGamer1942d ago

Reviews have been quite positive so far, is there a demo?

DarkBlood1942d ago

i like to know if his is also a physical release, gotta make vita game list for when sony evetually releases a red verion so i can finally get one lol

MadMax1942d ago

Yes, there is a physical release coming sometime this week, as well as a special edition one for $60. Which comes with quite a bit of stuff! Game is supposed to be the best looking game on the Vita.

Xer0_SiN1942d ago

im buying this strictly to support vanillaware and its imminent release of dragons crown. awesome developers.

Inception1942d ago

I'm envy you T_T . I want to buy Muramasa before i buy Dragon's Crown on august. But i don't have a Vita and really short on money right now >.<

Xer0_SiN1942d ago

hey dont worry man. i sure this title will eventually end up on ps plus ;).

Hicken1942d ago

I'm super pissed because, for some reason, the copies were delayed in getting to the store. I all but wasted a trip to go and get a game that wasn't even in.

MadMax1941d ago

Went through all this yesterday. Heres whats going on. Its just been released in some stores today, mainly gamestop! No one else is carrying it. They are receiving them in very low stock, if you didnt preorder it, they might have 1 extra one on hand. I just picked up the last one at my local gamestop.

I never buy from them, but really wanted a physical copy of this. They even said a game like this will be in very short supply. Your best bet is to call gamestop today and tell them to hold you one. Good luck!

Hicken1941d ago

Yeah, I had one on reserve, a collector's edition. But for done reason or another, the sow didn't get any copies in stock at all until today. Got mine today though.

MadMax1941d ago

Did you get the collectors edition?

Hicken1941d ago

Just putting it down for the night. It's quite nice. Makes me wish Odin Sphere was on Vita, too.