Top 25 PS2 Games Of All Time (#20-16)

For many, the question as to which console is the greatest of all time has an easy, straightforward, and inarguable answer: the PlayStation 2. To honor Sony's glorious gaming machine that followed up the original PlayStation, we here at GameRevolution decided to put our heads together and craft a list that compiles the greatest experiences that the platform has to offer.

While we easily could have stretched this list out to over fifty titles, we wanted to keep it condensed and relatively digestible. As such, there are bound to be a few titles you absolutely adore that didn't make the cut, and that's what the comments section is for. Alright, no more rambling, let's get right into it.

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TrendyGamers1968d ago

I actually enjoyed The Two Thrones better than Sands of Time, so I hope it shows up later in the list!

dbjj120881968d ago

Haha, don't know if I've ever seen anyone say "Warrior Within was my favorite."

TrendyGamers1968d ago

Not my fav but I didn't hate it.

Stupid glitch prevented me from entering the final sand thing and facing the final boss though. That sucked.

dbjj120881968d ago

THPS3 was awesome. Either that or THPS4 is my favorite in the series.

knifefight1968d ago

I remember bringing Tony Hawk 3 home and thinking how much my world had changed.

cpayne931967d ago

Never owned a ps2, still considering grabbing one off of ebay.

zoks3101967d ago

What does all those games have in common?