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GameDynamo - "Disney Infinity at first sight is quite exciting: a game which finally mixes all us Disney fan's favorite characters and worlds into one place. However, upon closer inspection, Disney Infinity takes a queue from Skylanders, where collectable figures will give you the ability to expand game content that's either really cool, or really horrible, depending on if you like the idea of it."

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Shinobi1001943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

When we will we see the GOOD Disney characters?? Yes, I'm talkin Aladdin, Simba, Beast, and Ariel. These are the generals of the epic army of late 80s-early 90s characters that literally resurrected Disney from an old, worthless relic to the hip kids mega-dynasty it is today. Don't believe me? Check this:

I'm still gonna ask Sandy Claws for this overprices trinket for my 3DS because Disney has me permanently wrapped around their gloved finger because of my loyalty to the aforementioned generals