IGN- Magrunner: Dark Pulse Review

IGN:Magrunner isn’t as exciting as some of the games to borrow from Portal’s song sheet, like the weird and wonderful Antichamber. It’s one of the stronger puzzle games, though, with a clever new mechanic and design that’s both interesting and adept at luring you into exploring its subtleties. Even so, it’s not interesting enough to excuse the dull narrative, and only being able to play with a select few bits of the level robs the experience of any real sense of power or freedom. With its two halves combined, Magrunner is a solid game, but one that feels like a testbed for something much better - once the designers have the guts to fully chart a new path instead of relying on tried and Aperture Science-tested concepts we’ve all already seen played out.

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sdozzo1966d ago

Yeah, we kind of knew this going in... looks fun for an on sale game.