Battlefield 4 Lead Designer Explains Superiority of DualShock 4 Over PS3 and 360 Controllers

Almost everyone that tried the new DualShock 4 controller loved it, and it seems to be the same for Battlefield 4 Lead Core Gameplay designer Alan Kertz, as he explained (rather vehemently) in a series of Tweets.

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badboy7761940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )


Xbox One Controller=360 Controller

Abriael1940d ago

It does have some small improvements on it, the triggers are better.

tigertom531940d ago

they also have change the sticks size and feel as well as reduced the dead zone on the x1 controller. they have tighten up the buttons and made the more responsive. they have also reduced the responsive actions on every point just like the new ps4 controller...

pixelsword1940d ago

That's one think I do like about the Dual shock controls; no perceptible dead zones for the sticks.

zeee1940d ago

Well, there are positives and negatives to both the 360 and DS3 controllers.

On DS3, I don't like how it sits on the triggers. I end up throwing grenades by accident if I am putting down my controller.

As for the size of the DS3. I have average size hands. I can understand how someone with BIG hands might have problems with it but it's just perfect for me so I can't ever complain about the size.

As for the 360 controllers, it's mostly good for shooters but on the other hand, I do just fine with my DS3 as well. The biggest problem that 360's got is the D-Pad. Try playing fighting games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat and you'll know what I mean. It just doesn't work.

So all in all, both current-gen controllers come with their strengths and weakness as well.

Hopefully, with the upcoming editions of these controllers, they will evolve into something better and if the news are anything to go by, I guess everyone will be happy.

Xbox One controllers looks good and so does PS4 with some innovations such as the clickable touchpad. Even though it sits on the triggers but I read on different sites that it works great and doesn't cause an accidental move during a video game or fast forward/backward while watching Amazon Prime/Netflix etc.

It comes down to personal taste and if you are willing to kick any habit. Humans have incredible capability to adapt especially, if they are open to the idea.

I am SUPER excited for the upcoming gen. Hopefully, everyone's gonna be happy and enjoy these designs for years to come. Cheers :)

BattleTorn1940d ago

Since you mentioned rumble. The Xbox One has rumble-triggers, the 360 does not.

Speider1940d ago

Yes, the X1 and the X360 controllers are identical...

Except for a depressed ergonomical D-pad ,
magnetic resonance triggers for heightened sensitivity of input,
tightened dead zones for the newly textured analogue sticks,
four rumble motors for heightened sensoric input (two of which are in the triggers),
better definition of face button depression...
...and the technology to get recognized by the kinect without a big, blue light.

So yeah, there are a couple of differences.

badboy7761940d ago

I was referring to what the Press stated about the controller. Who basically say that the controller is identical.

falviousuk1940d ago

There are numerous changes to the new xbox oad, however as the 360 pad was allready an excellent psf to use im thankful that its not changed a lot.

The ps3 paf on the other hand was hopeless gor myself and one of the reasons I never kept my ps3

famoussasjohn1940d ago

The 360 controller was fantastic, the reliablity of it wasn't that great, I've gone through a handful of controllers over the last few years. About 500+ hours in BF3 I guess can do that lol. I hope the new one is built to last. My Ps3 controller is a tank and is the original one that came with the console.

LoveSpuds1939d ago

Wow, you really like those MS press releases huh?!

shinrock1939d ago

Now you know fact don't go over well on this site.hence so many disagrees.

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3-4-51940d ago

Yea but 360 controller is the most comfortable ever and much better than DS3.....The DS4 is the first PS controller that actually looks intelligent to use and actually has good analog sticks.

The DS3 sticks are too loose, they don't return to "home", they are rounded which was a horrible idea, slippery sometimes.

Having l1,r1,l2,r2 be so cramped together was just not a smart move.

The reason I haven't been a PS gamer the past 15-20 years is specifically because of that awful controller.

The DS4 looks to have fixed nearly everything and I'm actually excited to possible buy my First Playstation because of it.

Not sure how people can't see this.

LoveSpuds1939d ago

Purely subjective chief, plenty of others prefer the DualShock, myself included.

Just because you say the Xbox controller is better doesn't make it so.

As for missing out on all the amazing experiences from Sony over the last 20 years, all I can say is I feel sorry for you because you have missed some the greatest games ever made over one of the most important periods in gaming history.

T21939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Dumb comment. There are tons of customized controllers out there for ps3... you are lying, never wanted a ps3 and are trolling. Or are just too dumb to look for another controller.

Also you are full of b.s. because you can get used to any controller, I don't really like the 360 one because its heavy and bulky, and too fat,and runs out of batteries, but I still use it all the time and I still don't cry about it.

YNWA961940d ago

Stop being a stupid fanboy, badboy. Anything over DS3 has to be an improvement. Always felt like I was holding nothing... Seeing as I am getting PS4, looking forward to new DS. As for Xbox 360 controller, it was already a great controller, and hope they have not messed with it too much.

RM-TatoTiburon1940d ago

looks like we loves the DS4 because the DS3 was a shitty controller, according to him

NateCole1939d ago

The fact it stilll does not use internal battries is stupid.

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mark134uk1940d ago

ms will have these tweets removed later,as they have a bumming contract with ea

STREET x KING1940d ago

not really, he mostly just says how shitty the ps3 controller is and how good the new one is.

SatanSki1940d ago

Exactly. I already added this shitty page to my website blocker. They wont try to make fool of me again.

Abriael1940d ago

Good call, better screenshot them :P

Sitdown1940d ago

Clearly you did not read the article errr, I mean post about some tweets.... The 360 controller was never mentioned.

mark134uk1940d ago

i did read the article,its a lead designer who works for EA = EA are in bed with microsoft?

hes saying how good the sony controller is

ms normally likes to control the ppl they are in bed with and will probably be affended that there bigging up the sony controller

porkChop1940d ago

Did you read it yourself?

Q: "Is it that much better than the 360 controller? I don't like the Dual Shock."

A: "It's better shape, size, features, texture, triggers, sticks. Everything."

Sitdown1940d ago

Oh I get it now..him saying that the ps4 controller is better than the ps3 controller in your mind is a breach of contract....because clearly individuals from 3rd party developers give up their rights to freedom of speech.

sAVAge_bEaST1940d ago


q:-Is it that much better than the 360 controller? I don't like the Dual Shock.
a:-It's better shape, size, features, texture, triggers, sticks. Everything.

Dice has been favorable to ps since bf3,. EA is in bed, not Dice,. even though EA is the umbrella corp.

Sitdown1940d ago

My apologies fellas, I was getting the mobile version of the site on my tablet, so I was missing the part that you all were referencing. Anyhow, if this is the case......looks like I might just be purchasing this for the ps4....hope they make good use if the touch pad.

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humbleopinion1940d ago

Why would they do that? If anyone it's Sony and the fanboys who'd have to put up with a lead designer saying now what is clear to everyone in the industry all along:
"I love how the Sony fan boys are defending and old shitty controller"

The PS4 is a marvelous improvement over that old dodgy controller - they fixed pretty much everything broken except for perhaps the shoddy location of the left analog stick - something which became a staple of Sony's tacked on controller design (from the first PS1, where they had to throw in the analogs somehow).

Obviously, you'd expect a shiny new piece of tech to also surpass an aging controller from 2005 like the X360 controller. That's why he also said that compared to the 360 controller "It's better shape, size, features, texture, triggers, sticks. Everything".
After all, it would have been a piss poor design choice if it couldn't have surpassed it!

But the PS4 controller is not competing with the PS3 controller nor the 360 controller. It's competing with the Xbox one, which is yet another marvelous tech improvement.
Microsoft after all started from a much better base product last gen, and improved on all aspects including the amazing addition of pressure inducing triggers, improved ergonomics, the elimination of deadzones in analog sticks and fixing that horrific DPad.

Joe9131939d ago

This has to be the most pathetic argument I ever saw in my life why can't ppl like what they like and say why they may like it without someone bashing them for it why would you bash anyone because the controller they choose or system for that matter I’m a diehard Sony fanboy but do not feel the need to call all the ppl with Xboxes names or ppl who want the xbox one names why can't ppl just respect what another person opinion without getting bent out of shape like I said I am a Sony fanboy I have not had any major problems with my dual shock 3 controller that doesn’t mean I’m defending anything just have a different opinion and experience than you that’s it I’m sick of the needless bashing on both sides I see some out of line Sony fans saying a bunch of nonsense too some of you make gamers look dumb I hope yall are teenagers and younger it would at least explain why.

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MizTv1940d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on it

WolfOfDarkness1940d ago

PS4 controller is going to be revolutionary .

chrismichaels041940d ago

It's good to hear how impressed people are with the new design of the Sony Dualshock 4. Can't wait to try it myself.