New BeamNG Video Shows Off Impressive Destructible Physics

DSOGaming writes: "As promised, BeamNG has released a new video showcasing some gorgeous and detailed crashes. The level of destruction and deformation is really impressive, so kudos to the team for further tweaking its physics middleware."

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logan_izer101944d ago

This is so freaking awesome! Can't wait to see this implemented into a game some day!

john21944d ago

same here, it has a lot of potential. Here is hoping that next-gen racers will have this kind of deformation/destruction

xHeavYx1944d ago

That was so realistic that I was almost glad no one was driving

Destrania1944d ago

I can see this being used in the next Motorstorm

RedSoakedSponge1944d ago

i just wish there is a way that criterion pick this up and use it in their next burnout game. would be bloody incredible :)

sourav931944d ago

That was great. Only complain could be that the way the car was tumbling down the hill seemed very artificial. Seemed like an invisible force pushing it down the cliff, rather than actual gravity. But of course, it could be intentional to show the extent of the destructibility. Nonetheless, a great video, and fingers crossed for real game implementations.

General Shrooms1944d ago

It looked artificial because in reality the car would be digging into the ground not just sliding over it.