EA clarifies: New Battlefield 4 Alpha keys were sent by mistake, won't be a second wave of invites

DSOGaming writes: "By now, some of you may have noticed some Battlefield 4 alpha invitations in your mailbox. No no no, those are not phishing emails (at least those originating from EA). These are indeed some BF4 alpha keys that were sent by EA itself. However, those keys won’t work as the keys were sent by accident since EA does not plan a second wave of alpha invites for DICE’s FPS."

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Moragami1940d ago

I'm playing the BF4 Alpha now. It's called BF3.

JKelloggs1939d ago

Do you really expect a overhaul for BF4 like BF3 was from BF2? It's been 2 years bro... Look at the CoD series, that doesn't evolve at all, kinda.

Harmonizer1939d ago

Well to be fair, Battlefield 4 seems to be bringing some old features to BF 4 like commander mode, destruction, bigger squads, more naval combat etc.

It might not be new, but it definitely improves the game over it's predecessor BF 3.

john21939d ago

well at least more people will be able to enjoy it in August. Funny though that EA threatened users for creating new threads

Nafon1939d ago

has EA or dice officially announced a date for the Beta? I figured it would be in september, like the BF3 beta.

john21939d ago

Nope, but rumor has it that it will launch in late August/ early September

Nafon1939d ago

The earlier the better, i guess!

venom061939d ago

ok.. so they made a mistake.. but butthurt "i feel entitled" nerds shouldn't be all sour-faced, cryin all day long on forums, sayin they deserve to get in just because of a mistake...

Harmonizer1939d ago

Scandinavian PR fucked it up...they fucked it i really got my hopes up when i saw that e/mail on my way home in the tain

sovietsoldier1939d ago

come on just let everyone in already!