A First Look at The Elder Scrolls Online | Gameranx

Gameranx: "Robyn Miller gets lost in the immersive world of The Elder Scrolls Online and chats with Creative Director Paul Sage about the experience."

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buddymagoo1944d ago

Can't wait for the PS4 beta!

MysticStrummer1944d ago

Yessir. One of the benefits of PS+ is getting early access to betas, and this is one I'm looking forward to myself.

CalamityCB1944d ago

I really hope they do well with this on the consoles. The potential for MMO games on the next gen will rock this world/

MysticStrummer1944d ago

Indeed. I'm also looking forward to seeing the PS4 version of DC Universe. I enjoyed the PS3 version but felt like it could use a graphical boost.