CCP CEO: PS4′s 8GB GDDR5 RAM “to be Important in the Future”, “Hugely Exciting”

Leading up to the PS4′s February reveal, leaks and rumors suggested that the console would include 4GB of GDDR5 RAM, and that’s because, until just before the announcement, that was the plan. - PSLS

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Sev1939d ago

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more RAM.

TrendyGamers1939d ago

That must be a really weird fever.

xHeavYx1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

But.. But, da powa of da clouds!!
"I’m getting personally very excited for the PlayStation 4. For all the softballs Microsoft is throwing [Sony's] way, they’re knocking them out of the park. "

ajax171939d ago

Said all the developers!

iliimaster1939d ago

lol classic my main man classic!

LackTrue4K1939d ago

@ trendygamers, ....
"Ten out of ten XboxOne only owners suffer from year to year..."


If it is this kind of RAM

Or this kind

I can completelly understand that!

Polysix1938d ago

Your fever is well catered for with Sony then!

BTW Microsoft have no Cow-Bell, but they sure as hell have plenty of Bull-shit!

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Lior1939d ago

What is exciting is my 32gb 3000MHz Vengeance ram

a08andan1939d ago

Please give an example of what you would use 32gb for :)

Lior1939d ago

@a08andan rendering, games etc.

paranoid19711939d ago

So, you're saying you paid $3000 for ram? That is just retarded

a08andan1939d ago

No game in existence requires that amount of RAM. And as far as rendering goes, do tell exactly what kind of rendering you do that require that amount of RAM. I'm sorry if it sounds like I am accusing you of something, but I try to work against the industries false pretense that you need the latest and greatest in everything to enjoy gaming.

MysticStrummer1939d ago

Are PC gamers incredibly insecure before they become PC gamers, or are they made that way by gaming on PC?

Angeljuice1939d ago

Film rendering takes lots of RAM, I use a total of 96gb in my workstation (32gb GDDR5 and 64 GB DDR4 + quadro & tesla cards). You can render a 4k feature length film in hours when a top notch gaming rig would take days or even weeks to do the job. No use for that much RAM in gaming though.

JOLLY11939d ago

I use 64 gigs of RAM It isn't as fast as his.. but I use it for 3ds Max. More RAM faster renders.

WeedyOne1939d ago

To be fair a lot of the really good looking mods made for games like Skyrim and GTA require a large amount of ram to work well. Also if you are into making games on your computer it helps to have a shit ton of RAM so that you can make the game and run it before optimizing for better performance.

Kidmyst1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

I have 8 GB Ram in my rig and it's plenty fine and plays on max settings, Could do much more but games aren't using that so it'd be a waste. But if you got the money, buy it

Kleptic1938d ago

available ram is meaningless without a cpu/apu that can handle instructions that motherboard can accept up to 64gb of system ram, but the socket will never fit an apu that needs that the time chips are powerful enough, they'll have changed the socket...again...and none of that will matter...

but available ram can help immensely with poor optimization...something that definitely plagues pc gaming to this day...

point being...for modern pc gaming, there is a definitive line of 'not enough' versus going uselessly to the other extreme...16gb of OC ram right now, with a 2GB DDR5 equipped dedicated gpu could handle nearly everything...32gb of OC ram would be overkill, but 32gb of cheaper 1600mhz would be better than 16gb...64 of any ram, is useless on gaming, it'll never get touched...

PurpHerbison1938d ago

Some people use their PCs for work where extra RAM might be needed. It's not uncommon at all.

HD_GAMER19891938d ago

funny thing is gddr5 in the ps4 is still faster then you're ridiculously overclocked, overpriced vengeance ram....0_o but keep trolling you might catch something by the time xbox one overheats or underperforms this holiday season. " I say good day " Fezz oh and at above the only reason that much ram would be needed would be for gaming on 6 sreens while downloading terabytes of gay porn, while simultaneously converting the gay porn from mkv to mp4, because its easier to watch gay porn on the iphone 5 while attempting to troll console gamers on n4g. lol

ps4 and a gaming pc can get along you know right. 30 ps4 exclusives say hi ;)

nirwanda1938d ago

@hdgamer I think you need to do a bit of research on latency to find out which ram is faster for a cpu

HD_GAMER19891938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

yeah i was just making a joke.I have heard of the latency issue, but i do believe sony has done something to minimize that; however sony could prove my belief wrong next gen, unlike some fanboys i will admit sony isnt exempt from making fluff promises. Ill never forget how sonys bold promise for the ps3 ability to run games at 1080p ruined lair for me :(:(they tried to make it 1080p and the frame rate and screen tearing made the game unplayable for me. i still wish they make a remake on ps4 or lair 2 awesome concept and an awesome game when you minus sixaxis and lock the framerate to 30fps or up. im a pc gamer and a sony gamer. As i think the possibiltys of the new architecture of a modified apu sharing gddr5 is interesting and could provide a unique experience i dont believe the ps4 is better then a $3000 gaming computer on paper. when it comes down to it its all about the sony exclusives, doesnt matter how good you're pc is you wont be able to play them, which is why i will be supporting both next gen.

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Panthers1939d ago


threefootwang1938d ago

Cloud trumps all!!!!!....Said no one ever

Zephyrus_8081938d ago

I'm excited about what the PS4 will be capable of but I don't want a repeat of this generation - The quality of multiplatform games being held back by inferior hardware. It's sad thinking about how much better some games could've been if they had remained exclusive, or if the 360 wasn't as weak as it was.

JamieL1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Nope, and I really don't see how that's relevant. I was talking strictly about fanboy defensive or aggressive statement’s, not what the cell has or has not done. This is just about N4G conversation's. I don't even know enough about tech to tell you what the cell even does well. I'm just talking about argument's made on N4G.

Example, this gen it was all about “The power of the Cell”, this coming gen it’s about “8GB of GDDR5 RAM“, and that’s just how it is.

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titletownrelo1938d ago

Its sad though because SONY is giving Devs more Ram, but M$ is forcing third party developers to hold back on the potential of the PS4 so the Xbox One doesn't look bad. :P

M$, why do you deny us GREATNESS?

hellvaguy1938d ago

Always "the others guys fault" mentality.

dontbhatin1938d ago

Ive always heard about this with the 360 and PS3 but i never saw any link proof for it. Im really curious. Do you have any proof?

Hicken1938d ago

hellvaguy's response is typical of fanboys who can't accept their company as ever doing wrong, but who've also got NOTHING concrete to argue in their favor. I mean, it's pretty common knowledge by now that MS forced parity on multiplats.

Does anyone really believe that's gonna change?

maniacmayhem1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


Mind telling us which game MS forced parity on?

I mean since it is common knowledge.

titletownrelo1937d ago

@hellvaguy and dontbhatin

well here you guys go

maniacmayhem1937d ago

Hey titletownrelo, mind telling us which game(s) MS forced parity for?

Do you have a link for that?

I mean, to me it just looks like a Sony exec talking crap about MS. Lord forbid if MS said anything about Sony and this site would be up in arms with pitchforks and torches on how MS are crybabies and unprofessional.

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dbjj120881939d ago

I've got such a huge boner for GDDR5 RAM, guys.... you don't even know.

Cam9771939d ago

I can confirm that your confirmation is confirmed.

Angrymorgan1939d ago

You can confirm his boner ???

cpayne931939d ago

Trust him. He's a doctor.

GameOn1939d ago

He just likes to play Doctor.

Sarobi1939d ago

But a Doctor nonetheless.

threefootwang1938d ago

I can confirm that your confirmed confirmation has been confirmed.

NarooN1938d ago

I can confirm that this is one crazy-ass thread. O_O

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adorie1939d ago

Wow... *jumps out of the window*

VonBraunschweigg1939d ago

I can confirm this.

Can we get a doctor!

devwan1939d ago

Don't worry, the magical power of the cloud will cushion your fall.

Sevir1939d ago

Bubbles for everyone for making me laugh... Lol

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ATi_Elite1939d ago

GDDR5 is so OLD, I can't wait for GDDR6 in 8 months!

DragonKnight1938d ago

GDDR5, which is unavailable for commercial sale, is "old" to you and so you are going to wait 8 months for more RAM that you can't buy? Logic.

NarooN1938d ago

LOL! Was gonna say the same thing, +bubs.

WorldGamer1939d ago

This makes sense. I have seen a lot of people talk about the ram that the X1 uses as being sufficient, but they are not looking at the bigger picture.

Through the console generation, games will only become more demanding on the system resources, this move by Sony that might be seen by some as overkill, will most likely give the PS4 the longevity over the long run.

Smart move by Sony.

clearelite1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Wait 3-4 years when devs like naughty dog really START to push the ps4 to its limits. The results will be phenomenal graphics and gameplay. We can expect them to get better and better with time as devs work specifically with the PS4 hardware and learn to get the most out of it.
The winners are us gamers fortunately and I'll be preordering a PS4 because I expect some of the best exclusive games.

imt5581939d ago

Not 3-4 years. I think a little earlyer, about 1 year.:) Waiting Uncharted 4.

hellvaguy1938d ago

I wouldnt be so sure on that ram being such a huge factor. My gaming pc has never gone over 4gb ddr3 for 1080p. And thats with using windows 7 which is a much greater resource hog than console os. But we'll see.

Godmars2901939d ago

And supposedly MS's solution is to rely on cloud computing. On online support.

If a game absolutely needs that support to function, then offline systems wont be able to play it.

Kleptic1938d ago

offline and onboard get along nicely...and can seamlessly switch to online when preferred...

offline and 'cloud' hate each other...not that the cloud will ever do anything useful for real time gaming any time soon...

I just summed up the next generation entirely...

Clarence1939d ago

It's just like when Sony decided to go with bluray.

Daz1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Its 7 gb, 1 gb for os

BUt it still great that sony got hold of 8gb GDDR5 of ram. Good work on there part.

mushroomwig1939d ago

For the price it's pretty incredible.

devwan1939d ago

And a more streamlined OS free from such things as TV management bloat etc. is using just 1GB of... super fast memory. That's not a bad thing from any angle.

tuglu_pati1939d ago

I'm guessing Sony will lock more than 1 gb of ram for OS (2-3 gb of ram) , it would be the smart thing to do, in case they want to add more features in the future.

They can always make that ram available for games but not for now, they need to reserve some ram for future features upgrades.

wolokowoh1939d ago

The features they would would not justify reserving a whole GB of RAM. Windows 7(you know the good one) only uses 1 GB of RAM and it's capable of nearly anything you want to do. I doubt Microsoft will use much more than a GB and they're building in connect and running three separate OS's.