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GameArena: "I struggled to finish The Last of Us - it took me longer than it should have to realise my limitations within the game - but I struggled nonetheless.
I persevered because I wanted to know more about the characters and the world, and I wanted to see how their story ended. That is a hallmark of a game worth playing - a story worth experiencing - even if I think I've experienced better."

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gaffyh1944d ago

One of the best games this generation, I'm not saying it's the best, but it's up there. Anyone that can't see that has either not played the game, or is a complete idiot. The reviewer is the latter.

seanpitt231944d ago

Well for me its the best game this generation probably the best game ever.

HammadTheBeast1944d ago

He's experience better stories....?

Name one game with a better storyline.

fourOeightshark1944d ago

This game made it to my top 3 games of this gen. Behind Uncharted 2 and Red Dead Redemption. :D

Redspeed931944d ago

I agree with you on TLOU being one of the best games. But don't call the reviewer an idiot just because his opinion isn't the same as yours or mine. That's just childish.

inveni01943d ago

Some people are of the opinion that blacks aren't as human as whites.

Those people are idiots.

Opinions that are ridiculous can certainly be called out as such.

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FamilyGuy1944d ago

I'm not clicking this link lol, what were his complaints?

Pintheshadows1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

He said the AI wasn't as good as the human players in DayZ. Seriously. And then tried to take it back. And then said the AI wasn't any good anyway.

If anyone is interested in writing reviews, this guy has just provided a masterclass in how not to do it.

redfirm1944d ago

so he finishes his whole review with : Also the ending is shit.

so yeah guys, the ending is shit...without even having an argument...what a shitty review

Blacktric1944d ago

"He said the AI wasn't as good as the human players in DayZ."


Oh man these new generation of reviewers... Absolutely insane.

Jughead34161944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

This is possibly the worst review I've ever read. Was this a review for The Last of Us, Day Z, Metal Gear, or Bio Shock? I couldn't even read all of it. This game is in my top 3 of all time, if the not #1. I'm pretty sure most would agree.

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Starbucks_Fan1944d ago

Downvote this site everyone

Deep-throat1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

How can I downvote it?

Boody-Bandit1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Near the top of the page
Click on

Than 2 options will appear
Story quality?
Like this site?

On topic:
This is why I have always said web space does NOT a critic make. This wasn't a review but a disgruntle hatchet job of an amazing title made by a developer that actually gives a damn about their craft. I wouldn't print this bile out on paper and wipe my backside with it. I am only a couple hours into the Last of Us and once again Naughty Dog has raised the bar EVEN higher than what they achieved with the Uncharted series.

The person that wrote this review should take his consoles, all his games and peripherals and put them in the trash along with this site and especially this review. He obviously wouldn't know a good game if someone sat him down and explained it to him.

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evilunklebud1944d ago

A differing opinion.... don't let it scare you.

redfirm1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

""Still, TLOU stands alongside DayZ - which uses real humans to deliver real human interactions - and it pales in comparison. The peripheral vision of your ostensibly aware enemies is rigidly defined, their perception of you signposted by a rising crescendo.

It is, of course, a tough measure to hold TLOU to - I don't typically hold singleplayer games up against multiplayer variants, and for good reason... it's impossible to compete with actual human intelligence (or the lack thereof). Still, a game with zombies has a burden to make sure its still sentient enemies display a level of intelligence beyond that of the mind-numbed runner or clicker - and TLOU barely manages this. ""

this is not a opinion...this is BS...i play dayz and if you ask anyone, they will tell you how dumb the ai of the zombies are in dayz..

Philoctetes1944d ago

I'm not giving this a click.

Mounce1944d ago

Apparently a person who didn't think it a great game. Sounds like they'd rate it lower if they didn't feel obligated to give it a 'Good/mediocre' rating.

Also, apparently they think the ending is shit.

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mattkelly19911944d ago

Lmfao. This guy right here.

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EvilFluff911944d ago

Don't click on the link people it's just for hits.