Sony's Explosive Factor

The folks at Sony Computer Entertainment have announced that Blast Factor, an original shooting game developed specifically for its e-Distribution format, is currently in production from Bluepoint Games. Supporting a full 1080p resolution and the tilt controller, it's one of the first downloadable titles to support the PS3's most talked about features.

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bung tickler5886d ago

"Blast Factor, an ORIGINAL shooting game" that made me kinda chuckle... looks alot like a geo wars clone to me.

OutLaw5886d ago

When I saw the images I was thinking it looked more like mutant storm reloaded.

InMyOpinion5886d ago

Looks like a complete Geometry Wars ripoff.

Aramis0015886d ago

Thought this was about Sony's exploding batteries for a

sparco5886d ago

Thats exactly what i thought lol. Sony proper fecked up there. How many companies have had to recall laptops and batteries??!! Dell, Toshiba, Fujitu-Siemens and a few more i think. They definately have the explosive factor.

Btw, this game is a total rip off of Geometry Wars! How pathetic! Just cos they think they'll make some money off of it probably!

kewlkat0075886d ago

I had a Post last week about this Game I think but it failed approval.. grrr

zonetrooper55885d ago

I posted this news a few days ago and it rejected. :(

ChickeyCantor5885d ago

to kewlkat007
and zonetrooper5

you sure you didnt used any bashing sentence? :P

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