Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Piles On 920,000 Beta Registrations

The third phase of the beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been going on for two weeks already, featuring lalafell marching events and overall good performance, and apparently it’s time to talk numbers.

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KrisButtar1942d ago

I think if this will be a F2P model after buying the game it will be a success

Abriael1942d ago

Thanks but no thanks. P2P is an insurance for quality, F2P is an insurance for crap.

hkgamer1942d ago

not necessarily, but it does keep people committed into playing this game long term.

ScubbaSteve1942d ago

Hell it's almost worth 12.99/mo to limit the amount of RMT in the game. Why do F2P games even bother having a global or general chat.

TronEOL1942d ago

What Abriael said is absolutely true. F2P games also usually end up being pay-to-win and you lose potential quality.

When you compare Final Fantasy XIV: ARR to most F2P MMO's, you'll see an instant, distinct difference in quality. Even in it's Beta form it's better than most F2P, or Pay-to-Enter MMOs.

I'd rather pay the price every month knowing every item in the game will be bought using Gil, and it won't take 10 years to get the amount of Gil I need to buy what I want. FFXIV is fair. Most F2P games make it necessary to spend real money for in-game currency.

pkb791942d ago

I remember in FF XI it felt like it was going to take 10 years to get the gil for some items on the AH. Every SAM needed a Hagun.

Abriael1942d ago

I'd say at the moment it's better than any F2P mmo on the market, and by a long shot. It's definitely a top tier MMORPG.

KrisButtar1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I guess maybe I meant to say a "Pay-to-Enter MMOs?" not 100% sure of the Terminology.

I'm talking about buying a copy of the game $60 but playing it online free no monthly charge for the MMO

@Abeiral thanks I was jusst thinking if there was a happy middle, but I guess not

Abriael1942d ago

@KrisButtar: that's not really different than F2P. The developer still has to focus on making you buy crap on the in game shop instead of producing quality content. Guild Wars 2 is a good example of that mediocre policy.

GabrielKross1942d ago

Not to mention Yoshida already said the game won't go f2p. lol

Nevers1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

On my one hand I would not want FFxiv to be F2P. I believe the quality would suffer and the community would not be as cohesive.

On the other hand I don't like that they are charging full price for the game when you're going to be charged $12-15 per month. I think subsription based games should be priced less.

On my 3rd mutant hypocritical fanboy hand... I already preordered the CE, lulz.

The FFxiv ARR Beta is amazingly fun. I can't wait for another weekend of it.

hkgamer1942d ago

yup hate that... some games are way too forceful to make you pay for crap, although I do admit I am a cheap ass when I play F2P.

But to be honest, F2P industry needs to thank china. Without gold farmers, companies would have never known how much money they could make themselves if they implemented their own system.

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FamilyGuy1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

You must not know Square Enix very well.
They made a lot of money on FF11 and still continue to to this day. FF14 cost them a lot of money with the promise of huge payoffs, it has absolutely no chance of becoming free to play.

Subscription fees are guaranteed with this game.

BTW @ your 2nd comment:
FF 14 is going to cost $40 brand new on PS4 and $30 new on PC, you get the first month of online play free. If you bought FF14 before it was updated into A Realm Reborn you can download it completely free.

It, someday, getting a free to download ability might happen but the monthly subscription fee for this game will never go away.

NioRide1942d ago

Nah, F2P games always die, I'll keep my long term P2P games.

I saw a really good article on this as well.

Give that a read, its a very good point too.

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NatureOfLogic1942d ago

I don't mind p2p. I'm going to enjoy every second of FFXIV ARR. I don't won't f2p which is really p2w. A price drop would be nice, though the current fee won't stop me from playing this game.

Snookies121942d ago

Can't wait for this game... Hopefully I'll get into the Beta. As I already pre-ordered it, have been in other betas, entered an FFXIII code, have a great PC rig, etc. I put these things in the survey, come on Square! D:

Lol seriously though, this game looks brilliant. This coming from someone who said they'd never touch a Final Fantasy game that was online only.

dendenmooshi1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

That sucks man, hopefully you get a beta key. It seems like almost everyone got one if you registered before phase 3.

The overall feel is like the original Ragnarok Online (big fan) as opposed to SWTOR or GW. The quests are less story carried (at least initially), but it feels more like you're playing to improve your character and explore the world.

The renovated areas are great and the music is spectacular (as always). I can't wait to see the finished product with voice overs. That would lively up the environment quite a bit.

vishmarx1942d ago

hope this doesnt turn f2p
i dont want peasants clogging the servers

Redempteur1942d ago

Phase 3 is awesome ...

The game is night & day from teh original FF14

i already wish they had released the ost so i could enjoy the new songs they are great IMO.

FamilyGuy1942d ago

Ugh, I only just got to start playing this weekend, I'm one of these new registrations. It sucks that they only let you play on the weekends, I was just getting the hang of it and it got snatched from so quick :(

NatureOfLogic1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I read on the beta forums yesterday that they just released the ost on the square enix store.

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