PlayStation Home update: Enjoy Serenity Plaza, a new public space

Looking for a new place in PS Home? Check out Serenity Plaza, the new public space in Home. Party on the dance floor with Party Machine 9000, shop the full range of Juggernaut Games offerings, and collect weekly free items. If you’re looking for a challenge, jump into the MiniBots Arena to battle other players and even design your own maps!

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gazgriff2k121993d ago

hope ps home is better on ps 4

Mounce1993d ago

Just imagine a Home on PS4 - minimal load times when moving. Avatars don't take as long to load around you and 60FPS!


Would maybe return if that came true. The slowness is what kills me in not wanting to get on it.

EPiCDiNGO1993d ago

I love Home just to go on and goof around with friends when we cant be bothered playing video games. It would make me very upset if this was not on PS4.

1993d ago
GiggMan1993d ago

I noticed Sony hasn't said anything about Home for ps4 that I know of.

kingPoS1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

That caught my attention too. It's welcome presence to many. As much as people claim to despise the imperfect browser & Home, they'll probably raise a furor if either turned up missing on the PS4.

DeadlyFire1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I expect E3 2014 is most likely chance we will see it announced.

Home is great I believe. It has lots of potential, but was limited on the PS3 in many ways. Maybe we can see it hosted on the Cloud servers on PS4 with 128 player lobbies, massive areas for games and such. Unless its packed in at launch. Either way loading times should be slashed.

SolidDuck1993d ago

I'm not sure why people still use this.

SonyStyled1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

then give it a visit to realize how much there is to explore. not to mention the free games with full campaigns, collectable items, etc. its a casual community for the most part. but i stop in every month or so for some es'plorin!

RavageX1993d ago

Because people like it.

Simple answer to a simple question.

Home is quite popular.

I was there from the beta days but haven't installed it on my new PS3. While I did like it and it had cool spaces, I'm not the most social person so there was a lot that I was missing out the space it takes up compared to the amount of time spent actually on it doesn't really balance out for me.

Shad0wRunner1993d ago


Look for us on Twitter, Facebook and other sites. We are trying to create a voice loud enough to be heard by Sony, so that we may provoke a resoponse to the question: "Will there be a HOME on PS4?" Thousands of Home users have invested their time, money and loyalty to a service that's over 4 years old. We deserve an answer.

We are fighting to see a #HomeOnPS4 and thats all were concerned about. We do not let those who feel negativity towards PlayStation Home, deter our cause or commitment to keeping it alive during this gen...or the next. We do not care if you dont like Home, dont use it, dont support it or if you feel that money and resources could be better invested in games.

The PS4 was designed around social aspects for a reason. It's not JUST a gaming device.

Help us support #HomeOnPS4 ^_^

EPiCDiNGO1993d ago

Good luck in getting #HomeOnPS4 im sure with the power of the cloud and PS4 great things could be done.

SolidDuck1993d ago

I'm not trying to be a dick, but do u really want home on ps4? Wouldn't u rather them spend there time, money, and resources on something else. I always thought they should turn home into an mmo, where new regions would be based on playstation games. And trophies would be the currency for weapons and armor. It would promote new games, give ps4 a free to play mmo, and give trophies more meaning and more addictive, making people play and buy more games. But it's cool that u guys enjoy ps home.

kingPoS1993d ago

Believe it or not, a majority of Home users don't have a huge collection of games. If you view home as pure game you'll be disappointed.

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