Dead Rising 3: Exclusive Content coming for SmartGlass users

At E3 2013, Microsofts showed Dead Rising 3 game play and the integration with SmartGlass. Indicated from their conference, Microsoft is really influencing developers to bring SmartGlass into upcoming titles.

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Excalibur1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

M$ once again forcing you to use ANOTHER one of it's gimmick products to play a game to it's fullest.


falviousuk1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

dont you get tired of trolling so hard, or are you paid to do it.

How exactly are they forcing anyone to use smart glass.

I think your post should stand up as 'idiot post of the week award'

I guess by your reasoning, Sony are forcing everyone to buy a PS vita as they are telling developers that all games must have remote play.

A-laughing-horse1943d ago

I don't think they do..

Just keep moving past the comment like its a wounded animal.

Excalibur1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

sorry dup post..

Excalibur1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Don't you get tired of always defending stoopid decisions?

Didn't you READ the article or did you just jump in to defend it without actually reading it once again like so many here saying "But it's free for your phone"

Here let me help you

"I see Dead Rising 3′s SmartGlass capabilities being demoed with a Windows 8 tablet, which makes sense at a certain level, given how much Microsoft is trying to tie Windows 8 with the Xbox. Is it a Windows-only thing, or will there eventually be an iOS or Android version?

Josh Bridge, Executive Producer: It will ultimately support all operating systems for sure. But currently we have it running on a Windows device."


The free smartglass app doesn't run on half the things it's designed for, do your research.
So if you can't get it to run are you going to go out and get a Windows 8 tablet or Windows Smart phone so you can play the game to it's fullest?

Are we sure they WILL get the thing to work on other devices beside what it is CURRENTLY running on?
Will that be at launch or months after we've beaten the game?

If you want to rely on gimmicks for your games then by-all-means go right ahead.

Belking1943d ago

"I think your post should stand up as 'idiot post of the week award'"

The funny part about it is that he will get bubbled up saying that This is why this site never get taken serious.

JokesOnYou1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Whats wrong with having smartglass apps that ADD to the gameplay style and throwing in a few codecs, gadgets, maps or things like leting a friend call for airstrikes on your cell phone/tablet? Sounds interesting to me, sure it could be a gimmick or it may just hit that sweet spot by adding to the fun factor....if not so what I just play the game and enjoy it the old fashion way. You get the full game without smartglass but there are just some cool things built in for smartglass owners....Wow now you sonyfanboys are complaining about this too, then these are the same folks always complaining about COD etc dont do anything new every year. How lonely you trolls must feel outside of n4g.

falviousuk1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )


Yes I did read the article, and the op is still nonsense.

For smartglass, it is currently available for ios, android and windows phone amd tablets. I curently have it installed on my S4 and nexus 7.

Like most commenters in n4g you talk rubbish just for the sake of it, regardless of fact.

What is stupid about using smartglass to add extra functionality to a game. Is itnjust as stoopid to use the vita for remote play.

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A-laughing-horse1943d ago

It's there if you want to use it.

Mr_Nuts1943d ago

but if you want the extra content you have to use it...thats the point

The content should be allowed for users who just want to play the game the normal way, I mean people out there are going to buy it so reward them for it don't hold back

No_Limit1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Jesus, you know that smartglass is on all major smartphone OS right, from Windows, Android, to iOS. Who in this day of age don't have a smartphone?

To make Sony fans happy, yes, even your Sony Erickson Xperia z phones and tablets will work with smartglass. :)

Edit: Thanks Legion, didn't know that.

WeAreLegion1943d ago

Ericcson doesn't make phones with Sony, anymore. That's why their phones are GOOD now.

AngryEnglish1943d ago

you mean like a $200 Vita for remote play?

Mr_Nuts1943d ago

Which they don't give exclusive content to, both versions are the same. You don't need to have PSV to unlock or get more content out of your console version

AngryEnglish1943d ago

@Mr_Nuts, how do you know they aint gonna give any exclusive content to Vita owners?

im pretty sure Sony will find as many ways as possible to help the sales of the not so popular vita

also smartglass if a free app for android, ios, windows phone, windows rt and windows 8... if your gonna own a next gen console im pretty sure you will have one of the above devices, unless said person is a child (not calling you a child, i mean in general)and has a console bought for them

testerg351943d ago

Oh, I'm waiting for Mr_Nuts and Silent to reply to AngryEnglish.

SilentNegotiator1943d ago

Exactly what you said:
"how do you know they aint gonna give any exclusive content to Vita owners?"

You wouldn't have used that tense if you already knew that information about Assassin's Creed. You would have brought up that information instead of inquiring about Vita doing so in the future. You did a google search AFTER using Vita as a counter-point and being called out for not knowing of any instances.

You still tried using Vita as a counter-point without the knowledge that Vita had done any such thing.

Nice try, though. If you had played the troll game smarter, however, you would have done your research BEFORE using that as a counter-point, instead of making it obvious that you didn't.

And calling me a "Vag"? Really? Are you 12?

...btw, having a system doesn't mean you couldn't be trolling against it. I'm sure plenty of rich kids own every system ever and still have dull things to say against it on the internet.

testerg351943d ago

Mr_Nuts & Silent, but let me guess.. the Vita example is a good thing.

SilentNegotiator1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

You used future tense to say that Vita might get such linked content, before discovering that there ACTUALLY WERE any instances (with AC).

If a detractor of a vehicle says the brakes have a fault without any knowledge of that being true, and it ends up being true, they were still trolling by saying that the brakes have a fault.

I told you to give an example and you did. Congrats. But you also outed your own trolling.

"and I like the way you missed the word "sensitive", you know because your comeback was shit, lacking point and you needed that second face... Nice try son"

Really? Talk about a strawman. YOU are ignoring the fact that you called me a "vag" like an immature little boy. It doesn't matter what the adjective is.

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theWB271943d ago

It's free...and you can use your smartphone. Side missions that you don't have to complete. It's extra stuff to do, if you want. I don't feel forced to use airstrikes.

Sigh, complaining for nothing.

Cmk01211943d ago

allowing mobile games to blend with core gamers is not forcing it is simply providing an option, the core story is there...bonus mentions can be attained FOR FREE if you own a cell phone which any console gamer liekly does. Imagine playing a game and allowing your friend to jump in, or wife to help you escape the police in watch dogs all from an ipad or cell phone. Its innovative and with the ridiculous amount of casual gamers out there this is awesome

hankmoody1943d ago

How are you being forced exactly? And what are you even bitching about, Smartglass is free for Christ's sake. Who in this day and age DOESN'T have a smartphone or tablet?

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Eldyraen1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Personally I have liked Smartglass and even the "theory" of Kinect uses (the tech anyways is awesome--how its usually used and supported not so much) for a while but never bought a Kinect because wasn't worth it to me and Smartglass ATM is bit limited due to support and hardware not really designed for it in mind.

I don't mind games having new ways to play though and with new hardware and hopefully better Smartglass support (both on devices and game's utilization of it) it could have some interesting uses as long as there are still alternate "traditional" ways to keep the core experience the same (such as DR3's airstrike).

Sometimes though being Smartglass/mobile specific sound pretty cool--Ubisoft seems to have some cool ideas for other players "hacking" outside of console experience as well as the potential for recon drones in the Division. I have no idea if the implementation will be worth it though... but say you are playing what is otherwise a singleplayer only experience and a buddy is over they could in theory participate on some level while "watching" you play. Not a bad possibility. Its no replacement for split screen or traditional networked coop but is a cool way to get more people involved.

Granted until we see it in action and experience it all for ourselves no telling how it feels or "works" (or not).

mydyingparadiselost1943d ago

I refuse to get excited about content being exclusive to an app, this is holding back story from people who choose not to use it.

AngryEnglish1943d ago

why wouldnt you use smartglass if you:

1. have an Xbox
2. have an android, ios, windows phone, windows rt, windows 8 device?

Cmk01211943d ago

because that would make sense and people dont like to be logical with you on this one, people are just nitpicking

mydyingparadiselost1943d ago

Because it changes the experience for someone that doesn't have a smartphone, because going back and forth between a phone or tablet and the controller is awkward. It's better than it being DLC but these are options that could easily just be in the game and used with the controller instead of being tied to an outside app.

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