Kingsroad: Can Facebook games be regal?

It shames me to admit, however, that I have tried numerous Facebook games over the years, which leads me to believe that other than being prone to bouts of utter boredom, I must be a glutton for punishment. I’ve played FarmVille and all its myriad variations and I have to give props to Zynga for being able to pump out and push the same game with different skins so many times. They certainly know how to play the zombified masses. Castle Age, Stormfall, Bejewelled Blitz, Candy Crush, Criminal Case… the list goes on and on, and each and every one was at best something to pass a couple of hours. Generally, though, they were like pulling staples out of my brain through my eyeballs with red hot tweezers, and I’d inevitably vow not to play another damn one.

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Ask1968d ago

Not the biggest fan of Facebook fans but would give them a go if they ran better on flash.