Deadpool PS3 review – Marvel’s meta-man runs headfirst into the fourth wall OPM

OPM: For some, Deadpool is the convention- shunning comic madman famous for his dual katanas and duelling personalities. For others, he’s a zero-laughs smartarse in a red jumpsuit. Your opinion of him totally colours your perception of this Marmite- flavoured hack ’n’ slasher.

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Patashnik1994d ago

Can't say I'm surprised by the score...

SilentNegotiator1994d ago

Oh boy. Deadpool fanboys aren't going to like the reviews this game is getting.

"You jus' don't GET IT. Deadpool is genius! !"

creatchee1994d ago

I'm currently playing this and having a load of fun. This game is 100% fan service. It's serviceable as a regular game, but make no mistake - this was made for people who love the Deadpool character first and foremost.