Wii Remote: questions answered

After our in-depth look at the Wii Remote and its many intricacies, the CVG audience took to the comments section and threw down some interesting questions.

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eepiccolo6422d ago

Ah, this clears up something I was curious about. The Wii Remote, when being used as a pointer, doesn't point directly at the cursor because it only know the center spot of the TV. If the Remote was to actually point straight at the cursor on the TV, then it would need to know the size of the TV, and do a corner calibration. I really hope this is an option that future developers can use, and that the current setup of only using the center point is not hard-coded.

ChickeyCantor6421d ago

who knows it could come in handy for allot of games.


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Zelda Replay: Majora's Mask

VGChartz's Evan Norris: "Is Ocarina of Time as legendary as I remembered it? For the most part, yes. In spite of a handful of missteps — a few obtuse puzzles, some tedious backtracking, and a clunky stealth sequence — I don't believe the last 23 years have been unkind to it. Ocarina remains a brilliant example of the medium, a landmark game that shaped the future of its own franchise and 3D gaming in general. After more than two decades it retains its inventive dungeon design, challenging puzzles, dynamic combat, wistful storyline, unforgettable music, and empowering open-air freedom. I feel confident calling it one of the greatest games of the fifth generation, even if I'm no longer prepared to list it among the five best games ever made."

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Crows9025d ago

Pure unadulterated fun. They don't make them like this anymore...especially not the triple A industry.

FinalFantasyFanatic24d ago

Back when video rental was a thing, I rented out Majoria's Mask, I never finished it though. I did buy the 3DS version before the eshop shutdown, so maybe one day I'll finally play through the whole thing, it's amazing how well these games hold up though. I briefly played Ocarina of Time for a while and it was really fun.