Hotline Miami (Vita) Review - Twinfinite

Alissa writes, "I don’t know what I expected with Hotline Miami, but I certainly got it. I’d been meaning to play the game since it originally came out for PC back in October but somehow never got around to it. I’d heard both good and bad things about the game by this point, but nothing really in-depth; I knew it had a great soundtrack and some crazy ultra-violent gameplay at the very least. Hotline Miami is clearly that, but at the same time so much more and, from what I can tell, this Vita release improves on an already pretty great game."

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HammockGames1941d ago

Excellent game.

Loved it on PC and now digging it on the Vita.

maniacmayhem1941d ago

Wow, would actually get a Vita just to play this game.

Sketchy_Galore1941d ago

I was really hoping this would be released on the EU PSN today (also kinda hoping psn would be up at all today but that's another issue). I've been itching to play this damn game since it was first released but don't really game on my PC and it always looked so perfect for the Vita, the wait for it is killing me.