Microsoft Discusses the Xbox One and Cloud Computing's Infinite Potential

SegmentNext - "Microsoft discusses the Xbox One behind closed doors at E3. I talk to a few developers about Microsoft's cloud computing claim".

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Tctczach1966d ago

Here we go with the cloud is absolute rubbish blah blah blah.... Can't we just wait and see instead of having people put down something before they have even used it? Answer is most likely no...

Hufandpuf1966d ago

you're not familliar with how marketing buisnesses run, are you?

xHeavYx1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Love this song by Guns N Roses called Estranged.

"An now that you've been broken down
Got your head out of the CLOUDS
You're back down on the ground

And you don't talk so loud
An you don't walk so proud
Any more, and what for"

tuglu_pati1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

The cloud is real and can be used to improve games visuals, ai , etc... The question is will developers spend more resources on this? I see first party games taking advantage of it but not multiplatforms.

here is video which explains how games can benefits, pros and cons of using the cloud, for those of you who would like to learn a bit.

darthv721966d ago

but still relevant to the subject of cloud assisted gaming.

NewMonday1966d ago

the more Microsoft keep talking about the "Infinite cloud" the less serious people will take them.

Angeljuice1966d ago

But when asked about what it is currently being used with, the Microsoft guy says NPC AI and drivatar. Hardly groundbreaking and nothing like their PR machine would have you believe..

SniperControl1966d ago


Err no, graphical power is not increased by using the "The Cloud". X1 uses cloud to run CPU intensive calculations. eg AI and weather.

There is way to much latency and bandwidth issues to run GPU calculations server-side.

Jesus, why don't you people understand this, this is the real world, current technology is limited. do not listen to MS PR bullcrap.

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psyxon1966d ago

there's nothing to "wait and see" to be completely honest. it's pretty simple. cloud computing is real, yes it can improve games. the catch? it's not going to be a vast improvement that's so noticeable it pulls tons of investors or consumers over to it. yes, they can use the cloud (as can sony) to achieve minor optimization, which is a good thing, but what microsoft claims "the power of the cloud" is capable of is just fantasy.

CRAIG6671966d ago

why is it fantasy if PS4 can stream a FULL game through GAIKAI which would presumably be more difficult as ALL the processing has to be done in the cloud...


rdgneoz31966d ago

Yah, it can help with a few things, but the claims people are making are blown way out of proportion.

karl1966d ago

Maybe i got it wrong but isnt gaikai used to stream games from the ps4 to the vita?. And so the game is run on ps4 hqrdware right in your living room.

Think that makes it much more believeable

And we have seen it working.. has anyone seen the power of the cloud in action?

psyxon1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

@craig667 you're comparing two entirely different things. face, meet palm.

@craig667 so cloud computing == streaming (video)? lol. dude, do you even understand how streaming works from a tech point? do you understand compression at all?

CRAIG6671966d ago


psyxon1966d ago

@karl no, because lan speed is drastically faster than wan speed.

ShwankyShpanky1966d ago

@craig: It's not a question of where the processing is done, it's a question of the data that needs to be transferred. Game streaming is basically YouTube with a controller feed going back to the servers. It's a highly compressed video stream, little more. Using "the cloud" (formerly known as "off-site servers") to process actual game data is entirely different.

testerg351966d ago

Shwanky, and you would need quick response from controller to host with hardly any lag.

With Cloud computing, the could servers doesn't have to handle the primary AI, but could handle backround AI of say an open world game. Characters not seen on the screen yet.

dumahim1966d ago


Gaikai does all the processing on the server so all it sends to the console is a video stream. There will be a slight lag for inputs, but all the power of the server can be used to run a game at any level of graphics.

Xbox One games are still being run locally and would offload some calculations to the cloud. This does not work for certain things like collisions and other things that need to be done very quickly.

"To put this in perspective, when the logic circuits of a CPU want some data, they have to wait a few nanoseconds (billionths of a second) to retrieve it from its cache. If not in cache, the CPU has to wait as much as a few hundred nanoseconds to fetch the data from main RAM - and this is considered bad news for processor efficiency. If the CPU were to ask the cloud to calculate something, the answer won't be available for potentially 100ms or more, depending on internet latency - some 100,000 nanoseconds!

As a game has only 33 milliseconds to render a frame at 30FPS, such long delays mean the cloud cannot be relied upon for real-time, immediate results per frame."

SniperControl1966d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth, i have been trying to explain this to "da cloud" fanboys since it was announced. but alas, all it does is fall on deaf ears.

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zeal0us1966d ago

Cloud computing talk is getting rather dull. Xbox One has more features that could be discuss but it seems MS want to ride this cloud train to death.

CRAIG6671966d ago

Why you here then? you got mouse finger tourettes or something?

Pisque1966d ago

A company wouldn't invest $700 millions for something useless.

psyxon1966d ago

nobody's saying it's useless. what they're saying is microsoft's claims are bogus.

cee7731966d ago

Actually that 700 million is for live and other online services not just the cloud lmao it really boggles my mind how much of A sheep you guys are Microsoft are literally selling you dreams lmao and you just eat em up like A fat kid in A all you can eat buffet.

ShwankyShpanky1966d ago

They're not investing that $700mil just for the Xbone either. It's for an entire data center.

asmith23061966d ago

All comes down to the speed at which data can be transferred from the server vs the speed at which it can be transported from your local RAM. Which is to say, the local RAM slaughters it. Cloud computing is already everywhere believe it or not. It is a marketing buzz word for distributed computing using remote servers. Anything Microsoft can do with the "cloud" is the same as any other company. Hell, no disrespect intended but even Nintendo could use the "cloud" for the WiiU!

testerg351966d ago

Yes, anyone can say they can use the cloud, but do they have the hardware and infrastructure to back it up.

TheHybrid1966d ago

I love how 17 ppl diasagreed that we should see things before we judge them. That's even worse than judging a book by its cover. They haven't even seen the cover and already they are using prejudice.

JeffGUNZ1966d ago

The fact you have only three bubbles shows how much of a joke this site is. Common sense and reasoning are not allowed. Bubbles up brother!

Hicken1966d ago

In this case, you'd be talking about the cover of a book on, say, the Mississippi River. The author, while he promotes his book, is making claims about the river that many know to be false, because they live or work near the river, or have other experience with it that contradicts the author's claims.

Hell, you don't even need to be well-learned on the Mississippi; some of the claims just go against the nature of a river, period, so that even someone with average knowledge of rivers or the Mississippi can tell something's wrong.

In that respect, we don't have to "wait and see"- a phrase used far too often in reference to Microsoft, these days- before we're about to tell that what's being said is BS.

The simple truth?

Too much latency. It would take far too much time to be practical, if any major computations had to done in the cloud.

XBOne sends request for computations(pretty much by running whatever processes it needs to do normally, which would prompt a request automatically for further calculations by the cloud server).

Cloud server receives request and complies(which could take who knows how long, altogether, as internet speed would be one of many factors, including high traffic and workload, and the complexity of the process requested).

Cloud server sends completed processes to XBOne(which will, again, rely on internet speeds and such).

XBone integrates the processes with locally-calculated processes(meaning that it would have to wait for the cloud-done info to reach it, or display that moment with said data missing; in order for there to be no wait, the XBOne would have to send the request BEFORE it was needed, making the damn thing a psychic, because it'd also have to know EXACTLY what it would need before it needed it).

Computers are fast, but all that takes more time than is acceptable for a seamless gaming experience, even when everything goes right.

Finally, him having three bubbles probably has more to do with when he joined: seven days ago. If you check his comment history, he hasn't been hit with trolling or any other such down-bubbles. Rather than assuming he got bubbled down for some reason, a little research would have saved you from making a silly comment.

JsonHenry1966d ago

Distributed computing (cloud computing as it is being called now days) is actually pretty awesome. But you will pardon me if I don't believe that even a fraction of what could be done with it is ever going to see the light of day any time soon.

Props to any company that comes through with it though. I won't complain about it.

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Vip3r1966d ago

Yet none of it will be of any use for those in far off regions of the world, or have a slow or bandwidth tight internet connection.

Mystogan1966d ago

They won't be playing online anyways.

rdgneoz31966d ago

You can still play online with a slow connection, and even with a high connection the cloud won't be doing a ton of work.

" Average broadband speeds in the developed world struggle to reach over 8mbps as of Q3 last year - that's only one megabyte per second. This means that whatever cloud computing power is available, consoles will have available to them an average of 1MB/s a second of processed data. If we compare that to the sort of bandwidth consoles are used to, the DDR3 of Xbox One is rated at around 68,000MB/s, and even that wasn't enough for the console and had to be augmented with the ESRAM."

"You may have an internet connection that's much better than 8mbps of course, but even superfast fibre-optic broadband at 50mbps equates to an anaemic 6MB/s."

THamm1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

They need to quit blaming gamers and saying "see what you missed out on" or "this is future but we can't show" and start showing the goods because November isn't too far off and Sony is winning by a landslide

KaMaHKaZiE1966d ago


Sony is winning by a landslide huh? I would love to know where you get your information. Please post a link to support your claim. Although I doubt you will seeing you more than likely pulled that out of your acne fill butt.

Roper3161966d ago

while I have no idea who is winning nor do I really care but why is the XB1 day one edition still available for preorder on Amazon? PS4 launch edition sold out in about a day and there was more units available for preorder.

So could you please explain to me why someone wouldn't think the PS4 is in the lead when more available consoles are sold out and the fewer available consoles are still able to be ordered?

KaMaHKaZiE1966d ago


Why is it that you only include Amazon? Are they the only placing selling consoles?

THamm1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

General consensus, and it's ok, no need to pre order X1, My would have been pre order will be left for someone else as I'm sure with other XBOX Live 10+ year loyalists. All the PR that I've seen suddenly try to sway people into believing that there is an actual neck race is a joke. I wouldn't be surprised if MS tries to come out next month just to con you, don't get upset because all your friends are buying a PS4

Roper3161966d ago

that was just one example and since they are the largest online retailer in the world I figured it was a good example and for to still have the XB1 with fewer available consoles which is also in MS's back yard that is pretty telling to me since the PS4 was able to sell out.

greenlantern28141965d ago

Look at pre order numbers anywhere you want. Amazon, best buy, game stop. Future shop, game, all have ps4 ahead by a lot.

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NihonjinChick1966d ago

When will they give us a complete list of the strengths AND the limitations of the cloud?

gazgriff2k121966d ago

So thats what all the chemtrails are i can smell the xbox cloud from my house