Real Boxing Confirmed for August Release in Europe

The full power of the PlayStation Vita’s punch is about to be unleashed, as Vivid Games has confirmed that Real Boxing will be heading to PlayStation Network across Europe this August. Originally scheduled for a ‘summer’ release, Real Boxing isn’t pulling its punches with its launch date as it looks set to hit that target square and true.

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Angeljuice1944d ago

Damn I need a new boxing game. EA has no plans to make a new one, can someone please make one for PS4! Codemasters have done it before with some success, why not have another crack at it?

chestnut11221944d ago

Damn, A lot of Games are making it's Way To the VITA.Glad to See Vita Peaking Up. I am a very proud owner of Vita :)

buynit1944d ago

I have one too and ill be a proud owner when i get my ps4 and i can continue the the on the go like sony said they would alow..

As for the game, i didnt know they had a boxing game in the works.. I like boxing i wonder what happened to fight night?

chestnut11221944d ago

Only time will tell :) But I am pretty sure after 5 Years, Vita will have a lot of wonderful and Exclusive games on it's Library.

Angeljuice1944d ago


EA said they're focusing on UFC rather than Fight Night. I like both games but will always prefer boxing!

buynit1944d ago

Ohh. They dumped fight night for ufc... That sucks.

What kinda juice you selling?