Titanfall is a "super gamble" according to Respawn | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK writes: "We spoke to Titanfall's lead artist, Joel Emslie, at this year's E3 and found out more about the story-driven multiplayer shooter from Respawn Entertainment.

Little was known about the game before its reveal during Microsoft's conference at this year's event, and many were intrigued by the way story would be implemented. We asked what kind of world the game would be based in: "It's a grounded, genuine world," Emslie told us. "I think the goal visually, and idea wise, was to take a gameplay that people are really familiar with and comfortable, and start building a bridge into this new kind of gameplay that we're getting into, which is the interaction, the loop with the Titan and the pilot, the multiplayer campaign mode that we've got going, and just really build a bridge into that and get people, first thing boots on the ground, very comfortable, and then start letting them go nuts with it.""

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windblowsagain1968d ago

How is it a super gamble.

It's a shooter game for the home of shooters for a new console. And with mech's

No gamble at all.

Excalibur1968d ago

It's an exclusive for the Xbox one, that is the gamble. ;)

MysticStrummer1967d ago

Except it's not an exclusive. It's already going to be on PC and 360, and Respawn has expressed an interest in bringing it to PS4.

RedHawkX1967d ago

its not a exclusive thats just what xbox fanboys want you to think so they can justify spending 100 dollars more on a weaker piece of crap console. i rember when them same fanboys said that bioshock wwas exclusive and mass effect and such. nothing is ever exclusive to the xbox one. thats why its smarter to get a ps4 so you can have more games for cheaper price with better graphics. also titanfall will be on the pc.

also not many people are buying an xbox one so its pretty stupid to get an online only game for a console thats not gonna have a huge online player base compared to the pc and ps4 player base. people need to start using there heads. xbox one= myspace ps4=facebook this is how its gonna be next gen xbox is dead stop living in the past or do you just want to look dumb like those who statyed with myspace to the very end?

BattleAxe1967d ago

Well I can't imagine that too many people are going to upgrade to Windows 8, and then go to Games for Windows Live to buy Titanfall. So it pretty well is an Xbox exclusive unfortunately.

Respawn is right though, it is a big gamble seeing as how they clearly want as few people as possible to play the game.

aceitman1967d ago

like other games , that are said to be exclusive , (and which I hate ms for saying it like this. but they can say 6 months or a year exclusive to xboxone but no ) usually comes to ps3 6 months to a year later. but the devs under contract cant say so.

ABizzel11967d ago


Thinking the same thing. It's move and plays like Call of Duty, it's from the creators of Call of Duty, they're not using time making a single player campaign like Call of Duty since most COD players go straight to online.

I've yet to see anything close to a gamble about this game.



Mr_Nuts1967d ago

It's funny that they think by putting machines in and wall running (BRINK) that it's new and exciting

Fact is it's basicaly what the next game after Mordern Warfare should of been

ABizzel11967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I see COD + Vanquish = TitanFall

A good game if done right, but "super gamble" No.

CrossingEden1967d ago

how do you know how it plays if you haven't played the game -_- oh wait you don't and only watched gameplay, because in 2013 on n4g, watching a video of gameplay=playing the game

kwyjibo1967d ago

Anyone leaving the COD money train is taking a gamble.

Philoctetes1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I have to agree with this. I mentioned in another thread that Titanfall is the only game shown at E3 that I could see being a mega-hit that moves consoles. But that's because it aims very squarely at lowest common denominator of the video game industry. I think this is going to be a hugely successful game for Respawn, but there's not much risk here aside from the ordinary risk that always comes along with a new IP.

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NovusTerminus1968d ago

It looks like every other shooter out there, and when you get into a mech it looks like a much taller version of every other shooter out there!

This is not a gamble at ALL.

MrSwankSinatra1968d ago

it doesn't look that impressive to me, so how is it a gamble? hell tom clancy's the division looks way better than this generic FPS crap. AN NO!! mechs do not count as innovation.

Thomper1967d ago

Interesting.. The division looks interesting, but how does it improve on Titanfall's "FPS crap" exactly??

KillrateOmega1968d ago

Except it's not.

Seriously, we all know that the game is going to be successful. You have guns, mechs, explosions, wall-running and jumping, experience points, CoD-style gameplay, etc. There is not gamble here.

NavydAd1967d ago

This looks like it has the potential to de throne COD. However, I think it sealed its fate by only going to one console.

Philoctetes1967d ago

It'll be on PS4 by Christmas 2014.

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