Five Reasons Why PS4 Should Outsell Xbox One

Forbes: In the multi-billion dollar battle between the next generation consoles, PS4 from Sony has an upper hand over Xbox One from Microsoft. Here are the five reasons why PS4 may beat Xbox One.

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Narutone661939d ago

Not should, rather will outsold.

abzdine1939d ago

MS use $$$ to buy DLC, Sony use $$ to make games because they have the best studios in the industry.

Now PS4 and X1 will be released at the same time so let the best one in the eyes of gamers win!
PS3 came a year later and much more expensive with too little games and ended outselling 360 worldwide! imagine what would happen now with PS4/X1 scenario.

JoGam1939d ago

I got a feeling PS4 will release a few weeks earlier than X1

Kayant1939d ago

Even the $$$ Sony spent on content are mostly exclusive content like 60 minutes extra gameplay in watch dogs not just on stupid timed DLC that you will eventually get on every platform.

ThanatosDMC1939d ago

#1 reason should be Games.

What Kinect did to the 360 was terrible... errr... what MS did to 360 is terrible.

sensor211939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

You should all understand one thing. 1GB for OS is gonna suck do any of you remember the leap from 1to 2 GB on OS of all kind of
PC's ?

Pro_TactX1939d ago

1GB for FreeBSD (admittedly modified) is overkill.

Serg1939d ago

Exactly, we aren't talking about Windows, the overbloated, stuffed to capacity with unnecessary crap and is generally slower than any other OS out there. FreeBSD is much, much faster and more efficient than Windows, it's even faster than Linux (I use Linux), because it was optimized to run on limited hardware. Putting it in a monster like the PS4 is like strapping a Bugatti Veyron to a rocket. read this, it will shed some light as to why Windows is slower than other operating systems.

PS: Apples MacOS is based on FreeBSD, too.

SniperControl1939d ago

Fair enough, my estimation of you just went up.

fermcr1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

The biggest mistake Microsoft made is selling the X1 100$ pricier then the PS4. 500$ is just to much for a console.... plus 50$ for online, plus 60$ for a game (you not going to buy a console without at least one game). That's 610$ right from the start. Sony made a smart move selling the PS4 at 400$.

If Microsoft is even thinking about competing with Sony, they going to have to lower the X1's price to 400$ sooner rather then later. If they take a year to lower the price, they will never "catch" Sony. The smartest thing Microsoft can do at this moment is release a X1 without Kinect at 400$. There are just to many gamers that don't have slightest interest in Kinect. One other thing really important that Microsoft needs... EXCLUSIVES (not time exclusives/dlc, but real EXCLUSIVES).

At this moment i can't see Microsoft competing with Sony.

EDIT: Yep... you right.
PS4 $400 + $50 online + $60 game = $510.
XB1 $500 + $50 online + $60 game - $610

darthv721939d ago

put them both in the same perspective? If it's $50 online and $60 for a game then both would be essentially in the same situation as far as added expenses go.

PS4 $400 + $50 online + $60 game = $510.

XB1 $500 + $50 online + $60 game - $610

It really is that $100 difference no matter if you add the extra expenses or not. while i do agree, MS should try and cut the price by even as little as $50 would help.

Its the camera that adds to the cost but I like that every unit will have one so there would be no fragmenting the user base and devs would not have an excuse not to support it in some way.

I would like it if sony included the camera with their system as well. the controller is designed to interact with it and it would be treated as an after thought again which could hurt its potential. Sony could include the camera at no additional cost if they really wanted to seeing as they are the ones producing the system instead of outsourcing its production like MS.

Developing the system and actually producing it (putting it together) are two different things. Sony is a hw mfg and can produce them in house where as MS would have to outsource the production to a 3rd party. That costs $$ to do so.

fermcr1939d ago

If Microsoft doesn't want to lower the X1's price, they at least could sweeten the 500$ price tag by offering 1 year of live gold.

Serg1939d ago

Isn't XBox Live $60? So it's $620 total, actually.

It should also be said that you can have a ton of fun for $400 with the PS4 from the get go. The free2play games Planetside 2, DC Universe Online, Blacklight: Retribution and Warframe are all launch titles as far as I know, which do not require PS+ to work.

Planetside 2 and Blacklight: Retribution are both excellent shooters with a very good free2play model, which is not pay to win. Same goes for Warframe, which is an amazing third person coop game. Do not care much for DC Universe Online though, but it's there for whoever does.

SniperControl1939d ago

Dude, don't take this the wrong way, but all of a sudden you seem to be dissing MS. Your past comments have always dissed Sony?

Is this another fake account like JokesOnYou?

fermcr1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

If you really saw my past comments, you would see that i diss any company i think deserves to be dissed: Sony, Microsoft, Apple, etc. I'm not a diehard fanboy to a specific company or console. I have a PC, X360 (had it till a couple of weeks ago, just sold it) and a PS3. Various times i said I'm purchasing a PS4 when Infamous is released (Q1 2014)... and maybe later on get a X1.

Lately i have been dissing Sony fanboys more, that's because i hate diehard fanboys and N4G is full of Sony diehard fanboys.

As for...
"Is this another fake account like JokesOnYou?"

I have my account since 2007.

MasterCornholio1939d ago

"EDIT: Yep... you right.
PS4 $400 + $50 online + $60 game = $510.
XB1 $500 + $50 online + $60 game - $610"

I dont mean to be a price but..... im planning on buying a PS4 at launch with no games and no playstation plus subscription because you can play FTP games without plus.

So in reality you can just buy the console and enjoy games like Planet Side 2 or Warframe with no extra costs attached.

Stevino1231939d ago

PS4 will definitely win this battle. But, actually, Xbox Live is 60 like it's always been like. If they drop the price, it would make them look weaker than thy already are, also if they possibly dropped the Kinect the would have to remake the hardware, because the Kinect is pretty much built into the Xbox. Plus, since they dropped DRM & Used game policies, they still have to make modifications to the system. Most indie games will be on PS4 which will win some gamers, heck, I wouldn't even be surprised if we get minecraft and dlc's first.
PS Plus is also a benefit, we get free games, free access to exclusive demos, avatars, etc. If they raise excess money, they can put money back into the servers, ban hackers, and get more games. The Xbox 180 is making all the wrong moves, call me a PS fanboy, but it obviously has more gamers attracted to it. Them Microsoft tries to comeback by saying, " yeah, we have TV, TV, oh and more Tv." PS4 auto win.

miyamoto1938d ago

PS* makes a whole lotta difference even more

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RedHawkX1939d ago

reason number one

1. people with brains out number the people without brains so the people with brains gonna get the ps4 those without will spend an extra 100 dollars to get weaker hardware and less exclusives.

2. cheaper
3. more powerful
4. more exclusives and more big time AAA devs- look at uncharted, lbp, the last of us, god of war 3, killzone 2 etc all 92-96 on metacritic world class devs and games
5.its the new social network of gaming aka facebook xbox one is myspace and we all know how that pos turned out.

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Chaostar1939d ago

“The action they (Microsoft) took amount to the little boy putting the cookie back in the jar after being caught.”

Haha well said, however, the article goes on to paint a grim picture of gamers as stubborn grudge holders who are incapable of forgiving and forgetting. It even quotes some random reader comment as evidence.

Personally I can forgive MS their past transgressions as long as they reassure me that they won't go back into the cookie jar, at least until I give them permission (to die - couldn't resist Bane quote).

S2Killinit1939d ago

I can totally respect your opinion. But I wont be forgetting, and I'll explain why, if that makes me a stubborn grudge holder then I guess that is me. The truth is, I can't trust them because I don't think this was a simple naiive attempt. I believe it said something about who Microsoft is and what their plans are. In my opinion, the fact that they would announce a Gaming console, and completely side-step gamers while focusing on casuals, really speaks volumes about what they think about this hobby. Furthermore, there is the issues of privacy. I can't tell you how pissed off I am at the fact that everytime there is a "must have" gadget, the companies push the limits on how far they can intrude on our lives. Look, I'm all for innovation, when the smart phone took off, we gave up some rights. At least in that instance though, it seems like those rights are traded for something. For example, let say your location, where you go, can be monitored through using navigation applications. But at least you are CHOOSING to use that application and it knowing where you are is an essential information in order for you to use the device. The Kinect however, is coming to our homes and its capabilities have nothing to do with gaming and do not justify incorporating said capabilities. I see the Kinect as a trojan horse that will set a precedent for generations to come. Once consumers accept the kincet into their homes, the flood gates will open as companies seeking higher profits and the edge achievable by spying inside you home, incorporate kinect like capabilities into every device you use. So do I 'forgive' them? I don't think my sentiments are relevant, the real question is should I 'forget'?

jaredhart1939d ago


Doghead1939d ago

Main reason => X one/ x box = FPS and Nothing else
So No X one = More Diverse and Innovative games...

abzdine1939d ago

yeah they keep milking dying franchises (Halo Gears) and dont put any money in creating something new and fresh.

creatchee1939d ago


The exclusive launch titles are Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Killer Instinct, and Kinect Sports Rivals. That is a diverse lineup and I don't see an FPS in there anywhere.

Also Project Spark looks incredibly innovative.

Stevino1231939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Haha, Kinect Sports Rivals am Ryse, Anyone have a knife so I can stab myself? Both Terrible and Repetitive Games. You may have two exclusives that I would like. But, Infamous Second Son, Knack, Killzone : Shadow Fall , and Gran Turismo: The REAL Racing Simulator, and Indie Games, like Outlast, etc. I hope they bring Minecraft, Which most probably will happen.
From a neutral perspective, The PS4 is obviously the winner. Looks like Microsoft has been playing with cardboard boxes and black markers. Don't cha' think?

S2Killinit1939d ago

I can imagine one reason why it SHOULD: for gaming to stay gaming. If Microsoft has its way, god help the gamers.

BattleTorn1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I respectfully disagree. They deliver on games that *I* am interested in.

S2Killinit1939d ago

I appreciate that, and I know what you mean, but I think there is more to it than just the games right now. Also my personal opinion has always been that they only cater to core gamers at the onset of each generation and then slowly phase out, to focus on casuals. But thats just me.

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