IGN- Deadpool Review

IGN:Developer High Moon brings the funny, but none of the finesse that would make Deadpool stand out.

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guitarded771994d ago

The video review makes is sound even worse than a 6. Don't know if anyone was expecting a great game. We all know that just because Batman Arkham series is amazing, it doesn't mean any other comic series will be amazing.

Majima1994d ago

looks a bit too wacky for me
also excruciatingly unfunny

HacSawJimThugin1994d ago

Devs must know that $60 for games like this will ruin them. The Arkham franchise set a new standard for comic book games. If you aren't try to meet or surpass those standards then why bother.

I watched about 10 minutes of gameplay on twitch this morning...I will never get that time back.

ShaunCameron1994d ago

Eh. Deadpool cost $50 retail. But yeah!