The Division – Xbox One, PS4 and MMO confusion

Catherine Cai talks to the developers of The Division, finding the next-gen Clancy shooter a confusing proposition for PS4 and Xbox One. Is it an MMO or not?

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Utalkin2me1993d ago

I'm very excited for this game....

BitbyDeath1993d ago

I was until i heard you need an online connection for offline... WTH Ubi?

tuglu_pati1993d ago

This is the way is going to be the new gen so you better get use to it.

BitbyDeath1993d ago

Nah, i'll just wait til Plus gives it away for free. Plenty more games in the ocean.

Reverent1993d ago

A game like this probably wouldn't be much fun by yourself anyways. Whatever though, it looks fun as hell so I'm getting it.

elhebbo161993d ago

just like every other MMO... this isnt something new you know.

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Corpser1993d ago

I still don't understand what it is. Sounds like an excuse to make the game require always online?

No_Limit1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

People need to get with times. Every generations provide the tech for a particular genre to be popular from the platform days of the SNES/Genesis, to the Jap RPG/fighting genre haydays of the PS1 era, and eventually online first person shooter of this generation. It is only a natural progression that open world games with seamless online connectivity is all the rave now and will only be more dominant comes next generation. Watchdog, Destiny, and The Division is only the tip of the iceberg. I expect the next wave of open world games like GTA, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the next Assassin's Creed to have online requirement.

theWB271993d ago

I'm with these times. I didn't get into online gaming at all this gen. If the worlds are going to be like this...Im all in.

Brucis1993d ago

The thing is GTA, RDR, and AC aren't MMOs so there's little-to-no point to having forced online. I don't have to 'get with' anything.

No_Limit1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Watchdog, Destiny, and The Division are also not MMO per say but connectivity to an online environment will allow for more gameplay possibilities and expansions to games than what had already been done in this generation.

Paul691993d ago

You need an internet connection because whether you play by yourself or in a group it is online. From what I can gather it works like GW2. That game is also pretty much doable on your own except the major events which just sees you tag along with everyone else and not really group up at all a la WoW. It sounds good imo. Can't wait for it to appear. The dynamic events system works very well indeed in GW2. If Ubisoft get it right this game could easily become the most popular release of 2014.

kingPoS1993d ago

Like a cross between Borderlands & Spec Ops the Line.

I like it!