OUYA launches on Amazon for $99, sells out immediately

OUYA has sold out at Amazon immediately after it launched in the U.S., Canada and U.K. today, with the retailer listing it as “Temporarily Out of Stock.”

A good sign for the Android-powered console, gamers hoping to snag the Kickstarter-funded console will have to resort to buying the $99 OUYA at other retailers in the U.S. and Canada like Best Buy, GameStop, and Target.


GameStop is now out of stock of OUYA too.

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TheLyonKing2033d ago

great piece of kit for both devs and gamers alike.

I presonally don't see the appeal but I can understand why this has sold out so quick.

SwiderMan2033d ago

Agreed. I would certainly get one to pass the time if I wasn't saving up for One/PS4.

SwiderMan2033d ago

Looks like GameStop is out of stock, too

ziratul2033d ago

It's fun cause you can publish game on OUYA without any special approval and large chunk of $$$

guitarded772033d ago

That's the best use I see for the console. It could be a great tool for those wanting to get into the industry, and also a good teaching tool at universities.

givemeshelter2033d ago

This "console" will do well

Sarobi2033d ago

Well that's cool to hear.

creeping judas2033d ago

Never under estimate the power of the casual gamer!!

Neixus2033d ago

well, most casual gamers will think;
''what's the point in buying this? i can already play those games on my iphone / galaxy''

Baka-akaB2033d ago

I doubt it's casual gamer buying it , they dont even know about the machine yet

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The story is too old to be commented.