The Last Of Us: Survivor Difficulty Tips

There’s no denying that The Last Of Us is a great game, the gripping tension that the single player game has in spades is perhaps taken up a notch when played on Survivor difficulty.

If you are in need of help getting through Survivor Difficulty take a look at our tips!

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sarcastoid1967d ago

Currently 44% through on survivor difficulty (no listening mode!). I haven't had any bullets in probably 30 minutes of game time. Nuts.

ChipChipperson1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Here's some tips from my Survivor and Survivor+ playthroughs:
Use stealth as much as possible. Areas where you have the option of avoiding enemy encounters completely(ex. University level with the Bloater and Clickers), use stealth. Choke out enemies that you know you can get to without alerting other enemies.

Save your shivs. Don't use them against anyone. Only use them on the shiv doors, because even though you get very few supplies from them in this mode, those few supplies will help.

Like the article said, retry an area that you are unsatisfied with how the scenario went. If you can conserve ammo through other means on the second playthrough, do it.

Use bricks and bottles often, especially in stealth segments with Clickers. Throw them to distract and throw them at enemies. If you can stun an enemy with them, sprint right at them and use melee. Use bricks to bash Infected's and Clicker's heads in.

Save your molotovs for your first Bloater encounter as Joel and your Bloater encounter as Ellie. Try to have 1-2 molotovs in your inventory at all times and 1-2 first aid kits.

The only thing you need to upgrade Joel with in terms of supplements, Health Upgrade and Weapon Sway. Upgrade health to max and weapon sway to max, even though the first level of weapon sway is manageable. The other's you will max on your new game plus playthrough. Nice to have the other skills upgraded, but not necessary on the first playthrough, since you should be crafting before encounters and you have more than enough time to heal during encounters since the enemies are taking cover.

If you know you are close to an objective, that does not need you to kill all enemies, sprint to it. The sniper level for example, get to the house he's in and run to the room you need to get to. You won't have to worry about the other enemies you didn't take out.

Weapon upgrades. Upgrade the rifle's armor piercing, power, and clip capacity. Great for enemies who are wearing body armor. Bow and arrow, the draw speed and distance. The bow and arrow will be needed against enemies that don't move from their positions and you can't approach stealthily. Upgrade capacity for most weapons.

Learn to shoot. Place your shots well. Always go for headshots with enemies not wearing armor when using firearms that can't penetrate through them.

Take out molotov throwing enemies out first(guys with red long sleeve shirts and gas masks). They WILL flush you out of cover and potentially kill you with one hit, depending on the amount of health you have.

Be aware of where enemies are taking cover when you get into the forced firefight segments. The enemy AI that use firearms will flank you, so you should take out most of them as soon as possible and always maneuver behind cover.

Sometimes, let your buddies take out enemies. Bill used his shotgun well in some situations and Ellie helped take out enemies in later parts of the game( ex. when Joel gives her the rifle to help you).

Generator level advice: Get the keycard first, kill all stalkers after getting it, go to the keycard door and use the triangle prompt( it will eat up time after you have to turn the generator on), then turn the generator on and sprint to the end. Throw a molotov or smoke bomb in that hallway to slow down the stalkers and bloater chasing you.

Hope this helps. Trust me, it's not that bad playing on survivor difficulty. Just be smart with supplies, make the right move, and don't rush in certain situations with stealth parts because it pays to just observe the behavior of the enemy. Good luck.