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The Last of Us is, by far, one of the best games I have ever played. When it comes to Naughty Dog games, I usually find myself getting completely immersed and investing a lot of time into them. It was different with The Last of Us though; I couldn’t stop playing and I couldn’t stop feeling things that I’ve never felt when playing a game before. I couldn’t stop crying, either; even when there was nothing to cry about, I just felt this constant sense of sadness and worry that had me tearing up at any given moment, but I’m okay with that because the uncertainty of what was going to happen next was what made The Last of Us so unique, so intense, and so extraordinary.

Rating: 5/5

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G20WLY1942d ago

This is a great review - and spot on to point out that - even with all the many audio/visual technical marvels in the game - it's the story, characters and sheer emotion it brings out in the player that stand out the most.

It leaves you feeling emotionally exhausted, but it's just so worth it. The PSN game, Journey, gave a new sense of emotion through gaming, but TLOU is leagues ahead and a genuine milestone for our entertainment medium of choice.

More please ND! :)